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2007 Camry LE, 2.4L i4, 94000 miles. I got a code a few times, P0301, indicating a misfire in cylinder 1. I installed a new spark plug, and still got misfires. So I switched the ignition coils of cylinders 1 and 2, and still got a cylinder 1 misfire. How should I proceed from here, having ruled out spark plug and ignition coil?
The AC works very good sometimes, it gets really cold, but all of the sudden it stops blowing cold air and it seems that only the fan is running.
Hi , I bought my car prius 2017 1 year ago and it work good. Recently I had problem this summer. When I put pressure on gas pedal , my car won't respond , although it was on D . But as I turned it off about an hour and started again , it works like before . Mechanics didn't find any problem. This happend twice this month.
All 3 lights are on but the tire pressure light is blinking
I hear nothing and it never happens it's the first time. I drove to store got out went to lock it and it wouldn't lock went right back in car and there was nothing..
My check engine light came on and had it checked. Tester indicated Idle Air Control Valve. Guy at the parts store described symptoms I was having. Anyway, also noticed low fuel indicator light came on about same time? Check engine went off, but low fuel will not. There is half tank in car, and fuses are good. Wondering if related to Idle Valve or separate issue? Also I put a quart of Marvel Mystery Oil into gas/oil a couple of days before all this happened. I heard good about stuff, and they've been around about 100 yrs. Don't believe it was cause. Also, had new water pump and thermostat put in about 5 days before this. I do know that low fuel light could indicate problem with sending unit, fuel pressure regulator, and guy at parts store said it could even be ground wire on tank? The gauge works fine, if that would eliminate any possibilities. Unhooked battery and back up. Light still on. No issues other than rough idle, which would point to idle valve.Thought smelled faint gas tonite
Light does not come on to ac or heat it does nothing
A man took part of the dash off , he didn't go behind the speedo meter and he said it was a special board or something not a bulb for it . Then when he put it back , my speedometer is wiggling and not right . Could a wire be squashed now for my speedometer to act up? And no hazard light ? But car can't get expected without the front gear shift changer lighting up. When I push the overdrive button , that shows up red . Please help me , I need my car inspection to get done . It's 2.0 engine. Dx or DL is the car .
Replaced Alt but still will not work
Once every several weeks the automatic transmission will not engage from Neutral to Reverse or E until I turn of the ignition and turn it on again. Then it engages, or has until now. What needs to be done? Mileage is 120.000 kms
2003 toyota avalon climate control has no power on dash and does not work
The check engine, VSC and TRAC OFF lights have been turning on. I am wondering if this could have a possible recall since I have been reading that it is very common in this model.
My Toyota it makes this clicking sound I checked the battery and it's good sometimes it sounds like it's gonna crank up but doesn't I boost it and nothing it does the same thing???
I have this 1999 Toyota Camry with 6 cylinder engine with 278,000 miles that has been garaged kept.I had the back struts and springs and linkage changed at 237,000 miles. I had the power steering rack changed at 226,000 miles.At 264,000 miles the front lower arms were replaced. Tires were replaced at 262,000 miles. I have had the car in twice for alignments and the car still wanders.I would like to know where do I go next?
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