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turn signal and brake light work on truck but the right side turn and brake do not work on trailer I checked fuses inside and in engine they are fine is there anything else I need to check

I mistakenly drained transmission fluid, thinkin it was oil. Drove around for about an hour, finally took it to shop. Shop changed oil, and trans fluid, checked out ok. One day later, warning lights and won't shift into higher gears or reverse. What kind of cost am I looking at? Any way I could get warranty to cover boneheaded mistake?

why the turn signals do not work?

The power mirror controls buttons are pushed in and won't pop back out. Need to remove the panel.

my alrm went off and i did not have my control with me . i disconnected the battery.i put the battery back but now it keeps shutting off and it has very low r.p.m. do i need to reset computer and how do i do this.

What is typical dealership cost to replace AC Clutch Relay

How do i seperate the wheel bearing from the hub

What do i need to do to remove the front rotors?

Greetings! Started the truck the other morning and discovered no instrument pannel lights. Upon further inspection no tail lights or license plate lights. No running(parking lights) in front of vehicle. Headlights and brake lights fully functional. Turn signals fully functional. Broke out the owners manual narrowed it down to a possible 15 A fuze. Replaced fuze no luck! Broke out the testlight tested circuits that included items I do not currently have power on, even pulled tailight and checked it. Brakes yes, running lights no with test light. Thinking it may the be the turn signal lever, yet the headlights work! Any ideas would be greatly appreciated!

Thanks! JB

Have checked owners manual,there is NO mention as to where the relay is for the directional,I have the pane off under steering whell and there are 2 relays on the outer side of the inside fuse box,however they are not marked so I still don't know where the directional flasher/ relay is located.Need help.Thanks.


I was told by the dealership that my timing gasket cap on for my oil is seaping right now. Where would I be able to go to get a good deal because they want to charge over a thousand to fix it, most of it being labor costs. Thank you

location of directional flasher / relay

I recently took my 2005 Tundra SR5 in for an oil change at a local Toyota dealership and was told my front left strut was leaking. The truck has 188,000 miles on in, so I'm not surprised. The estimate they gave me was slightly over $600.00. I know it's a dealership, but is this excessive? Thanks for the help.

4x4 tries to kick in while driveing 4x4 high light flashes will not go in 4 low gets stuck in 4x4 can be out of 4x4 when restart it will kick in lifted all 4 wheels off the ground pushed button several times untill 4x4 kicked out pulled 4x4 fuse

toyota dealer said it was leaking or it had a small cut in boot and they said rack should be replaced truck only has 69000 miles on it why can't it just be repaired with kit that is offered at Advance Store.

How can you tell if vehicle needs a valve adjustment? Any tell tale signs or noises? Also how can you tell if you have a timing belt or chain on above vehicle?

Noise only happends when starting from a parked position.No on road noise or sterring problems.It does not do it all the time.

timing belt replacement according to time I only have 26000 my Tundra

never had any problem gave my truck to a valet driver.went in hospital for 5 hour came out got in truck the control was turn to 4 wheel low engine light now on along with side airbags and traction light you cant get the truck out of 4 wheel drive no matter what you do.wont go over 40 miles an hour,took it to shop was told it just happenned out of no where could of at any time.they put it on the computer and told me they want over 2500 for air injection pump and valve assembly. i had no warning ligghht ever come on in my truck until the valet took belief is that he cause the damage to my truck

While driving today the blinkers stopped working. There is no sound or flashing on the dash board. The hazzards work. I have checked the fuses and can't find any that are blown. I did town my trailer today and it happened while I was towing but I am not sure if that has anything to do with it.

Where to check transmission fluid

I was driving in reverse and the gear shift broke. I could'nt put it park. I am very upset that this would happen!!! I bought this truck two years ago, with no warrenty it is a used vehicle. I was wondering if there is a recall that was issued? I Just can't believe that in a truck this would be a common problem.

Will not take gas.

Make noise. I show 3 belts. But when I go to buy one on line it state the trucks has one belt????

ok once and for all does the 06 tundra have a cabin air filter I am getting two different answers. The part store sold me one for an 06 tundra. I am guessing it doesnt but can u confirm. Thanks

Don't know the diagnostic code. It used to do this once in a while but now everytime I drive it happens several times.

Had a trouble shooting code po155 oxygen sensor defective, poor conn, check cicuit fuse. Where is the fuse

Clean the battery posts and reconnected the battery back.
Started engine it started but then it died out, I re-started again engine turn on but my rpm when down to cero and turn off engine