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Then they say I have a water pump leak and front differential leak too .
At 110 mph the engine fluters as tho governed?
what is the dry cycel
it seems to run fine. there is no smoking from exhaust ,performance is the same.
is there a seal somewhete
The turn signals seem to work and the left turn signal indicator remains on all the time, even after the key is turned off.
The noise seems to stop after u give
It some gas if u stop it keeps making the noise but eventually the noise stop
2008 tundra I get out and then when i get back in truck won't start. This happens randomly. Turn key on it will click a few times and never start have to have it jumped. Will run great and start back, then all of a sudden it won't start back up. Had battery checked it's good.
There three clips on the front part of the panel that covers the blower motor how do i release these three clips to remove this panel.
Just quit, throttle doesn't respond to the pedal pressure. It reved up a couple of times.
Have replaced Crank Shaft Sensor and Cam Sensor and still idling low. Diagnostic says Cam Sensor still and light will not go off. Truck has 130,000 miles.
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