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the Tundra is showing "check engine" and I cant get it out of 4wdrive
recently changed headlight relay now parking lights will randomly come on also when I go to start it starts in on position instead of start position any help would be appreciated
It now won't start. It does roll over, but won't start. Maybe it's the fuel pump or relay or something else like I think it may have shut down from the low oil sensor, was headed to take it for oil change when this happened. I added oil. Still doesn't start. Does something need reset in order for the truck to start?
There's no tag on the axle to tell any info. I broke a couple of teeth off. No end plate. I'm able to get a rear axle off of a 2003 Sequoia 2 wheel drive. My Tundra is 4 wheel drive.
I have replaced pads,master cylinder, and booster. Bled brakes each time but I get two blocks away on testing and they lock up. I am baffled what can I do.
I had a code reading of P0100/P0110, which indicates replacing mass flow air sensor or clean, after doing so it still does not stay on it shuts off, all the air hoses In-N-Out in around are all tight nothing loose, unplugging the mass airflow sensor the truck will turn on and idle just fine but once I give it gas it turns off and once I plug back in the mass air flow sensor it turns off I change the mass airflow sensor twice in one day thinking that it might be defective
had a good fluid level success with temp correct was shifting a bit of a shudder in low gears first 10 miles was smiles then pedal gave way to no motion pulled over found that ext cooler hose burst and i had dropped all fluid on road until transmission lost grab. was not any volatile action just pulled over and parked last few feet struggle turned off. walked to parts house got more fluid added a good bit and drove it back to shop was not acting proper then fluid was low bt made it fine. start over added almost 6-7 quarts never could get it right level woudl not do right waited whole day and night cold start re fill procedure level correct now 1st gear slips and seems to be getting worse gone back double triple check it either gets a little better or worse each time varies. seems to go smooth once upward gears 1st gear is slipping terrible and I am going to try to half way flush out system best I can because when that hose popped the oil that started to show then was rough not just blackened it seemed frothy and brown with a more thick nature like it blew out old residue worse than whatwas in pan first time. gonna flush somehow or drop pan maybe try external cooler drain with a suction or fluid transfer feed to force it out now i am at last resort so its a try but is damage possibly that bad for that little evnt time and little driveing not harsh just trying to get it back proper
Light came on took it to deal told me it was a xtended warranty issue , the air bank 1 sensor had bin replaced under warrenty , and now it went out agin and 2k to replace and fix it now is there a more financialy sound way of fixing they said it was safe to drive but would b n limp mode please help thanks
Merging in into lighway from rest area. All dash lights lit up and thermostat shot to H. Immediately turned off and when restarted most lights were off but vs coff and the suspension light on. And thermostat still going gradually to H.
I got in my truck to start it and nothing my battery said charged when I had it tested but when I put it back in nothing won't even try to crank.
i just switched out a power steering pump because the old one started leaking between the pullley and the pump and the new pump still made a bit of noise (whine). i later noticed a leak on a seal between the steering rack pinion and the steering column so i decided to add an addative (at-250 if i recall) and it worked great (no leaks) for a few days until the rebuilt pump i bought started leaking at the same spot. so i sent it back for defects and got a new one. just installed it, fluid level is good, spent 20 minutes turning lock to lock, drivfing around etc.. and it still makes a bit of noise. i cant figure out why
The radiator cracked away from the top of the seem and apparently it caused the engine to misfire at 40% in the 4th cylinder
I was installing a new stereo when I pulled out one knob it was glued in so I ended up pulling to hard and I broke it I was wanting to know how much it will cost to fix it.
took to local mech. and starting changing parts. spark plugs, all the coils, air filter, worked on timing, still no fix. took to toyota dealer they said it was fuel injector and that didnt fix it. dealer let it run for 2 days trying to make it code but no codes engine light flashing, they did say the 02 sensor was bad but said it would not cause this problem. could it be bad gas? im in it now 800.00 and still not working. Help please
I just started noticing a very slight vibration when excellerating around 30 to 50 mph
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