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Put in new alternator spliced wires it would turn over but sometimes hard to get started ran fine all day on errands today doesn't start at all
all fuses good in cab 7.5 amp and under engine 15amp new relay.? no body codes.
I check all fuses and relays with volt meter and getting power. clean the throttle body..but when i have key in accessory my truck is not priming gas ...and it starts up rough sometimes as im thinking its starting on a dry start...i will get misfire codes that read misfire on my even side spark plugs only..mostly on bank 2..i been online for 2 weeks not trying to get any infomation on this and its a dead end.
Car won't start. Repair man says starter solenoid melted
I just changed the water pump and the timing belt.
My 140amp fuse doesn't have power?
I can take the battery cable off and the engine light goes off and the speed problem is fixed for a couple of start ups

it does not respond to starting just clicks. Radio will not play, nothing responds normally.
a/t temperature light came up engine slow down and stopped and I can not start it again.
It smelled to me like a vehicle that needed its cabin filter replaced but I see the 06 Tundra does not have one. Any ideas what may be causing the smell?
It's a 2001 Toyota Tundra V8 it starts up but it will die when you put it in gear
i have never done this before...alot of other repairs i have done:...starters, alternators,radiators, wheel bearings, brake pads and shoes....can i change the valve cover gasket myself??? please and thank you, gatormike813
The truck shows its overheating also
Bought Factory kit for Sat/receiver and harness for my Tundra no instuctions gave w purchased n Toyota was no help
I stopped at the gas station and went inside and left my 2011 tundra crew max 4x4 idoling. I had taken my daughter to school and not been in 4x4 for several days. When I returned 10 minutes later the 4lo light was flashing. I looked at the knob and it was set on 2WD like I thought . I reversed fine and slowly began driving forward with light flashing I went 200-300
Feet and pulled off put in neutral engaged in and back out of 4hi without problem but light continued flashing. I drove about 1/2 mile with seemingly no problem and it suddenly stopped. I'm concerned about it due to the fact the truck was not moving or engaged in 4x4 hi or low and the 4lo surprisingly pops up.
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