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I have only had my car a year and since that time I have put 4 starters in it. Each time the starter just burns up within 3 to 6 months. I isn't the ignition switch, and we have taken it in to mechanics but are unable to find the problem.

My mechanic stated that should I decide to replace the valve stems that it may or may not take care of the smoking problem because of the age of the car. What is your opinion?

why does my car emits grayish or blue smoke when I start it up in the mornings.

I was given this car and it was pared for at least a year. The car had been taken care of prior to that. It has 207k and runs smooth! Leaving to drive 2000 miles and do not want to have a problem in the middle of no where.

When I am switching-ON my car a constant beep starts, which keeps making noise till I switch-OFF the engine. There's no alarm on the panel at all and drive is also normal.

My car was parked in the driveway & brake/tail lights came on. Why, and what do I do about it? What can I expect to pay for the repair.

Tercel 1997

the car acts like it wants to stall or stalls entering first gear randomly,when it acts like it wants to stall but does'nt it struggles in second like its not getting any gas.Mostly it does'nt stallout but when it does it takes up two ten minutes before it will start again. The engin will turn over and almost start but doesn't it takes several tries before it will start .

already had heads tested

Can this damage valves in the engine beyond repair ,or is there hope that by fixing the timing belt the car wil return to running resonably well?

I could take fuse out and reinstall fuse it will stay off for a couple days then come back on.
It still passes smog test.

I am changing front bearings

I assume the front calipers over extended and I know they leak and I have no hydraulic pressure save the manual e brake. Can I repair or pop the caliper back in and it will seal and work or must I replace the calipers? In a financial bind with two immobile cars so the calipers cost is a big factor towards if I can afford the repair. also will i need to bleed the whole system and all 4 wheels if I replace calipers or just the front ?

The temp slide control has very little effect on the air temp. Even on fresh air the air is warm with control on cold and warmer but not hot moved to hot. Same with a/c on. Slightly cold on cold and warmer on warm.

i already have old one out just dont know what kind it is

I put a new fuel pump new plugs and wires a new gasket a new head a new fuel filter new oil filter and my car still cut of after the engine has warm up even when its in park but act like it want crank back up. I took it to a shop ran test on it and they said its nothing wrong but my car still stallen. So can anyone help me. It happens everyday so I just keep trying to see whatg is gonna do but the same o thing stallen after then has warm up

i had someone check my front wheel bearings by putting the front end up on jacks and accelerating the wheels at speedometer reading of 40mph. the right wheel seemed to respond normally, but the left wheel turned considerably slower than the right.

i had had the same person replace both bearing assemblies. my concern is that when he reassembled components to the hubs, he made a mistake with the left hub reassembly and that the linkage to the wheel is not right.

engine 3ee 4 cyl 1.5l

The engine will cut out when driving at a consistent speed in wet conditons and stall when coming to a stop, also in wet conditions. When you step on the accelerator it comes out of it, until you try to go a consistent speed again.

im trying to put front seats from a 12994 tercel into a 1993

my ignition works and my car will start, but my steering wheel just won't unlock.

the started was bad so i replace it.. but the motor wont turn over, it wont make a sound,the lights and everything turns on.but when i turn the key it wont do nothing. i dont no what else to do

moaning noise coming from between steering components while moving.

My car squeals on start-up, only for a few seconds, and will stop almost immeadietly if i put it into reverse or neutral. Will also only squeal if it hasnt already been started up within about 4 hours or so. sounds like a belt but i replaced both belts this year already. Any help you have for me is appreciated, thanks

The standard size wheel is 13 x 4 1/2, 4 lug, 100mm Bolt Pattern. I have had sites recommend diameters as large as 18"; but I am concerned about the fender clearance. Does anyone know how large, both in diameter and width, I can go safely and without complications? I know about offset and will avoid that.

Now the cooling period well, but empty as you get more per month, which may be the problem?

how do i get started

why is my check engine light on? i just put in a stop leak sealant because there was an oil leak and now my check engine light is on.

The car has been a great little car always runs great but just the other day (after I got it inspected) turned it off in front of the house and 'Now,it'll turn over but it wont I changed the plugs (all 4)and the plug wires (all 4)...'2 of'em (3 & 4) have the coil pac's, but it still wont fire!What can be the problum?

I replaced the rear wheel bearings on my car and now have a slight squeaking noise in the drivers side rear only when im doing about 40 or faster and only when i turn right. do i need to get it checked out or is it not much to worry about?