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it started hesitating when taking off and i think it's getting worse. A lot of codes started flashing on the check engine light. I didn't get them all one time it was 95 another time was 112. i might need to clean out the throttle body
Hi! This is just another question, but important to me. My engine light is on. It went off for a short time (about an hour), then came back on and stayed on. My engine runs great! (187955 miles. Oil clean,plugs new,doesn't overheat, easy starting, power excellent, elect. connections excellent, fluid levels great). What causes this to occur on a regular most often basis for no apparent reason or symptom? THANKS for any advice. I really like this Toy! Bought it about 5 months ago.

Toyota Tercel 1993 stick shift 1500 series 180,000 + miles. mostly everything is manual just got a new head has an oil leakand burns oilThe oil leak is coming from underneath the timing belt area. and I've been told that it needs a seal but the maintenance to get to that would be the spendy part. Runs fairly good besides the throttle issue/high idle smokey when warming up every day. Goes through oil quick. Any Advice Would be very appreciated
mostly interested in toe in measurments + or - what measurment?
Engine light blinked 15 and 29 times when driving it.
clutch did not slip or any thing pryor to this.
It is a Tercel with a manual trans. Why wont it start when it gets cold out?
my trans caused my car to come to a complete stop. after cooling down, I was able to drive it home. (1.5 miles)it stopped once on the way. it is making a hissing/light grinding sound. does it need a complete rebuild?? or just some type of service? TIA.
The ignition switch is worn. Could that be related?
Ithe vent, but windows wont clear for a VERY long time.
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