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When I bought the car it had a miss, after replacing plugs wires cap and button. After 50-75 miles it starts missing again so from left to right I pulled the plug wires and the 4th didn't seem to make much difference, so I pulled the plug and it was very wet. now after replacing the plug and pouring 5-6 ounces of marvel mystery oil through the vacuum line the miss is not nearly as bad j
My car is leaking oil out of either the main seal or the crankshaft seal I've got a new fuel filter both seals and all three belts
My car has no power to go
I've also been told I need a new clutch but my clutch seemed fine to me
I am so done with all these people telling me to replace all these parts but my car is still not fixed please can u help me
I have a fixed income and I am a single Grandma
Car has noises that sound like the car will turn off at random times but is becoming more frequent. New battery and oils.
I just bought a 1997 Toyota Tercel with approximately 110,000 miles on it. On a short test drive it performed well. After signing the papers and driving it home, the vehicle began to "buck" when cruising at 55/60 on the Interstate. It wasn't when accelerating, just when cruising. I took it back to the shop that sold it to me, and they found an ignition coil that needed replaced. They replaced it, and it performed a bit better overall, but it still bucks at 55/60 when cruising. Any idea as to what may be the problem?
How do i get the bolt to stop leaking
Just recently purchased a 94 Tercel,and it has a air bag light on. How can i get it to go off? Also is there an A/C in this car, if so do i need to get it recharged When it doesn't get cold?
if I drive it for 30 to 45 minutes the check engine light comes on if im drivin 55 it slowes down to 30 and when you mash the peddle to the floor it falls on its nose but at half throttle it feels as if it runs fine but still won't get over 30 mph when you completely let off the gas peddle it runs rough and when you give it gas from a stop it will almost die then it picks up and if you cut the car off for 20 minutes the engine light will be off and the car runs fine until the light comes back on and if you cross out the TE1 and E1 it won't read any codes. Its a 4 speed manual and a 3E 1.5
Obd reader not available
Tire Kingdom wants @ 600 bucks to install 4 (they said 4 mounts.) Also, @ 600 bucks to fix leaking rack and pinion steering. Thank you.
Also changed slave cylinder. Bled lines very well.
Got it into gear after adjusting clutch pedal, but something still not right.
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