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It always for the past 23 yrs ran cool with the heat indicator needle near C. Never over heated until last week. With new thermostat, engine heat indicator needle runs consistently just below 1/2 way. This is quite a bit warmer than usual. Is it normal for a new thermostat to be this much different and will it damage my engine for my car to be so hot under the hood?
Have a '95 Tercel and see oil leaking out of the camshaft. When taken the cover off saw one camshaft without a seal and one with a sprocket. Is there suppose to be a plug in the one that doesn't have a seal? When I turn on the car a lot of oil seems to be spilling out. Wondering if all the seals needing to be replaced.
engine is not having any misfire it runs great
changed fuel injectors and number 1 cyclinder is not firing running rough could injector be bad
when i try to start the D4 light up at the same time that the P light up. It wont start. Sometime it does. What can i try?
Apparently I had a shop put a new front end and the mechanic mentioned he didn't have time to grease the seals I need to know how to do this
I change the spark cable Spark the Emission hat I'm thinking of elected Electrical
is there supposed to be a plug in the hole
Took of distributor cap orange ish spark between coil and rotor, won't travel to spark plugs. Bought new cap wires and plugs still nothing, could the coil or igniter be bad?
New battery new starter any suggestions?
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