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I had a starting issue with my 93 t100 3.0 v6 last week. Changed the fuel pump and then it started first crank every time. Ran great for a week and then yesterday it died on the freeway and would not start back up. Had it towed home, changed the fuel filter last night(thought it may have been clogged) and it still won't start. Went out first thing this morning to try to start it and it just turned over and wouldn't start. Crawled under the truck, hit the tank with a hammer, then turned the key over and it fired right up, ran good for about 30 seconds then died. Tried that process again and it will not start at all even if I hit the tank. Had someone turn the key over while I was under it and I couldn't hear the fuel pump. So I'm thinking maybe I have a faulty fuel pump or maybe a bad circut opening relay. Any input or advice would really be appreciated.
i can pull the battery cable and it will reset it.
exhaust does not smell abnormal. emission test report prints reading of over 2300 at both 15mph and 25mph. prints gross polluter. check engine light on
Multiple cracks in engine head,needs to be replaced
Replaced the starter, air filter and oil change. Truck starts now but when in park and revved up it Boggs down and dies. What should I look into / do next?
gears and the truck stays running its a5 speed transmission It did puke out fluid just before it stoppedbut the motor stayed running
or this is the part I think I need
Toyota T100 1996-1998 Relay Integration Box Module Computer ECU 82641-34010
I installed a DVMotorsport gas saver and after one tank of gas My truck stays in low gear , and the low gear is light up on the dash , and the seat belt light stays on unless I shift into low,. And the shifter still moves through all the gears, is it this part and is there a way to test this electronic box ? ? ? ? and I am thinking the gas save module I put on cause all this ,. I feel i should get my money back from them plus the cost of what ever replacement I find, What do you think
will it work
engine light stays on all the time
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