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I had all shift solenoids replaced and transmission serviced, also had trans. temp. sensor replaced , I'm thinking its a wiring problem
Been sitting 4 abt 2 months. Feels like brake is struck. Not in tow let position.
I took the truck to a transmission shop, they replaced all shift solenoids, transmission temp. sensor , serviced transmission.
transmission shifts fine through all gears but never locks up for over drive, transmission tech said it could be a wiring issue
Blinker signals work, but no other lights nor gauge work. Ac\heater doesnt even turn air flow through vents. I replaced a 30amp fuse, assuming it was the problem. No luck. Suggestions? Answers?
Problem occurs first thing in the morning when cold and intermittently when on the road. RPMs fluctuate between 2400 & 2700 when in overdrive at highway speeds.
starts out shifting very good after 15 or 20 min. I can not shift if the motor is running I had a mechanic help rebuild the clutch 2 times replaced master, slave & tubing purged as usual also pulled a vacuum on master I am losing no Dot 3 this problem is why I rebuilt the clutch I have replaced the master & slave 3 times in the last 15 yrs. never had this problem before
when I drive my truck for approximately 30 minutes; the radiator, and the big black hose are very hot I can even hear the noise of boiling fluid from inside the radiator. It sounds like that the thermostat is not functioned the cooling fluid
properly through the engine.
what ports do you jump to get diagnostics for 93 Toyota T100
93 T100 looses power at 3000 rpm drives almost normal up to 2500 rpm then I have to feather throttle to maintain speed .
What are the steps to fix this myself. Thanks..
oil pressure is good till engine gets warm,then gauge needle barely moves
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