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Starts when cold, will restart if shut off while hot but immediately re-started. But if it sits for about 10 mins while hot, it won't restart. It coughts and kinduv backfires with a weird smell . . I have to let it sit for a half hour or more, then it starts just fine. I have cleaned/tested the IAC valve, put new gaskets and hoses in, cleaned the MAF and throttle body, but no good. Funny, it started in the winter but only did it then for a few minutes, but now that it's hot out it just won't restart..gonna try changing out the ECT sensor next....Any ideas?? Thanks!!
Motor cranks but no start change also spark plugs and new battery
4h won't engage and there is a knocking noise coming from the front end when I try. Truck had been sitting for awhile but otherwise seems to be running well.
Truck loses power upon acceleration in 3rd, 4th, 5th gear, engine cuts out/sputters, etc. Behavior is consistent. Have replaced TPS, cleaned air cleaner, new plugs, replaced fuel filter. Added a supercharger 15 years ago.
Sometimes when I go over bumps the fan will start working again or when I pound on the dash. Lately I can't get it to come on though. Really need my heat.
truck was starting and running fine, one day got in it to go somewhere and when I press the clutch to start truck, nothing not even clicking. I engaged the button on the floor with my hand and tried to start it but still nothing. friend says maybe relay? or could it be the button on the floor??
replace fuel pump and filter, cat.,o2 sensor 2, air filter,spark plugs,ign. wires ,all 3 coils, TPS sensor, coolant temp. sensor, air filter this 3.4l has no EGR system .
I had all shift solenoids replaced and transmission serviced, also had trans. temp. sensor replaced , I'm thinking its a wiring problem
Been sitting 4 abt 2 months. Feels like brake is struck. Not in tow let position.
I took the truck to a transmission shop, they replaced all shift solenoids, transmission temp. sensor , serviced transmission.
transmission shifts fine through all gears but never locks up for over drive, transmission tech said it could be a wiring issue
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