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Toyota did a transmission fluid change, and changed out the shift lock solenoid. Couple days later thew P0717. I changed the turbine speed sensor, two days later threw the same code P0717 again. Not sure where to proceed to!! Thanks in advance.
we were towing a tent trailer well under sienna capacity uphill on hot day and van started jerking in speed, then would not change gears. The engine light did not come on and temp indicated normal. We pulled over and let it cool for an hour then started driving again, but jerking started again, lost speed and had to pull over. Got towed and repairs cost $2100. They soaked & saved the O2 sensors but had to replace catalytic converters. We are now afraid to ever tow our tent trailer again and feel afraid that engine lights and temp control won't alert us to any other future probs. Van is maintenanced regularly so was very surprised to have such a huge problem occur. Thanks.
replaced new spark plugs clean egr valve and throttle body no difference
2000 Sienna bought new 134k miles. Never used oil until last oil change then had to add 2 quarts of oil 2 times. No evidence of leakage. What's going on?
when closing the electric door you first have to turn the key on then put the car in drive now the door automatically closes, how can I fix it, this just started to happen.
My passenger side electric door won't open using the button up front, on the side panel or with the key fob. It will open and close manually from the outside and closes manually from the inside (but won't open from the inside manually or electronically). I know which parts are involved (motor vs cable assembly) but can I tell which is the problem without taking off the door panel?
Yesterday I had the drive belts, timing belt, and water pump replaced, plus oil change and alignment. They called and said the motor mount snapped during the process and it would be another $80. All the work was done at the Toyota service dept. When I picked up my van, the front dash was cracked on the passenger side and on either side of the glove box all the way across. There is also a crack on the drivers side from the radio to the gauges. The service manager said it's impossible due to the work I had done. I believe the tech was negligent causing the motor mount to snap and the dash to crack. Less than 80,000 miles and totally garaged, well kept vehicle that I planned to trade when the 2015 Highlander is out. The Sienna value has depreciated because of this and it absolutely wasn't that way when I left it yesterday. Now I'm afraid the air bags will deploy unexpectedly.
The motor and cable were replaced last year. A few months ago I started having issues with the power buttons for the door not responding. I would get a clicking noise and the door would not open. I started using the power door just with the inside and outside handles and this worked fine. Now the door is closed and will not open at all. The clicking from the power buttons no longer make the clicking sound and the handles will not open the door automatically or manually. I checked the fuse and also used the disable button on the dash to use it manually, but this won't let me open it either. I know this is a known problem with the Sienna but I have not heard of it not opening at all. I also disconnected the battery to reset the ECU but no luck. Very dangerous and inconvenient. Has anyone had this problem too? Thanks
Engine doesn't sound any different, nothing different about my van, just the light came on.
Oil was very very low, added oil, cleaned air filter, but light is still on? Can I reset the light by pulling the fuse out and putting it back in?
Passenger elec. sliding door doesn't close all the way on its own. If you manually assist with pressure (closing direction), it will close otherwise it opens up all the way. The rubber and paint on the lower side of the track groove appears to be a bit worn/ cracking. The door gets to where it starts going "into" (at the turn) the car when it stalls and opens. Also seems as though the door raises or jumps up to get in line with door open to latch closed. The jump is minimal, but not a smooth parallel run from open to close. Thanks for your assistance.
I was attempting to replace the fuel filter in 1998 Sienna and I bent the fuel line at the joint going into the filter. I have cut it off but my local parts store did not have a line or adaptor that is the right size with a big enough nut/thread to match.. Anyone else encountered similar. Is it something I need to get from Toyota? Can I put something in there to like a small bit of fuel hose and clamps. It doesnt seem practical to replace the whole line, its long and winds aroundand down to the rear of the can.
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