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Do you have any detailed information on replacing a heater core in a 2002 Toyota Sienna ?

Because the Toyota van Mi. is 90,200 this Van need timing belt repacement?

There is a minor leak in the transmission differential housing

Toyota Sienna has leaking valve cover gaskets.Leaks about 1/2 quart every 3000 miles.

Bought the car used (17K mi) when the car turned 1 year old.
don't know why...but the paint is still shiny in some spots and extrememly dull in others. Mechanically it runs great, but looks a lot older than it is because of the paint job, according to car fax...never been in an accident.

I hear a whining noise coming from the engine area it is constant even when I am on highway speeding the pitch will go up

Check engine light is on.
Computer states emission leak. Leak has been for 2 years.

Please state how much will it cost at a Toyota dealer to fix.

My 2000 Toyota Sienna has 210,000 miles on it. Would need to rebuild the transmission as per the mechanic. Any idea how much should it cost in Norwalk CT.

Thank You

please send answer back to

Tailgate door does not open electronically in hot weather.

at about 99000 my vsc light, tract and check engine light came on. Had sensors replaced, new catalytic converter. lights have come back on. van runs great, have put on additonal 3000 miles. mechanic has run scans, light goes out for awhile, but always comes back on. Wil vsc work in skid. It saved my neck up in Canada.

the air bag light is comes on on occasion.this tmeit came on when it got really cold can i clear it or where are the sensors.I am trying to avoid taking it to the dealer and paying some high fee if as a mechanic I could do something about it myself.

I have white smoke when i start yhe van after it sits for a short time the coolent level stays on full but the oil level is about a quart low after a week of normal driving im mot sure if the two problems are related or not

My reverse lights on my 2001 Sienna are not working. The fuse and lights are all good. What could be the problem? Please help...

What does a 2003 toyota sienna need to have done on it when it turns to 100,000 miles. Just want to maintain it so I don't have any problems with it. It's been great and I still have no problems with it

My brake light is always on whether or not the brake is set. Does the switch on the brake go out?

My wifes car has 150k miles and has not had it timing belt replaced. I know from this awesome site and all you great mechanics that it should be replaced at question is "How hard is this to do myself(I am not a mechanic but went to school for mechanical(airplanes etc) and have worked on cars a few years) Is that the belt (outside) of the engine on the left hand side with black cover over it and if it is outside what are the difficultys to do it? help

some of the lights on my dashboard do not work. Is this a fuse problem or light bulbs?

Automatic sliding door sensor is not working. How do I locate sensor to diagnose whether dirty or defective. Also, that door was damaged in an accident 5 months ago, could it be related?

I would like to know if the mechanics that you have listed pay RepairPal to have their business's on THE LIST?

Front passenger moter not moving after snow fell on blade/window area. Is there something I can adjust ot tighten?

My local Toyota dealer gave an estimate of $591 + tax for 90,000 miles service which will include oil changes, flush oil and tire rotation. I already got Timing belt done before. So is this estimate missing anything? Repair Pal says that spark plug replacement is standard but the Dealer said that is not included in this.

no poblem just ?

cost to replace brakes

Why doesn't my remote control working after replacing car battery? Also, my interior lights don't come on and after
turning the ignition off and closing the door, the head light
flashes several time by itself and I think this is draining my battery power. Please help.

It happened a few days ago when I noticed thatn the left passenger sliding door was not opening (probably frozen because of the recent winter storm and temperature drop in our area). As I pulled the handle harder since it's hard to open, the handle broke off. How do I replace it?

where is blower motor located on a 1998 Toy sienna

Wife says veh slid a bit on a turn in the snow at which time she applied brakes and lights came on. Drove home fine from there. Next morning, I start van and won't go into gear, above mentioned lights are on and no rear brake lights. 30k miles but over the 3 year mark for warranty coverage. I am told may be the Brake light switch..? I see a recall for this in th 2011 model. Is this something I can replace? Where is switch located. Thanks for assistance.

While the engine is running, smoke is coming from the oil cap.

check engine vehicle skid control dash light
came on--now have 31,000 miles