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do they have cabin filter

No engine light or code - doesn't seem to effect performance - (i bought it used, and don't know if it's "normal") There is a K&N high flow filter installed. Sound doesn't happen when cold - once engine heats up, when accelerating from stop, the noise is really loud (like you're revving the engine in neutral) - more FAN noise than loud engine - like air is escaping from somewhere. automatic transmission - sound only happens in low gears, from stop - once running 20-30mph, sound goes away

Ac works, High pressure switch good all new compressor/dryer, system isn't plugged in any way, AC is charged front, and rear AC work fine. After about 30 minutes of driving AC light flashes and system quits working. Compressor quits working (fans stay on). I was wondering if its the circuit board that controls the AC?


Where precisely are the O2 sensors located and do I need special access tools

I am out of the country and want to purchase all the necessary parts for my tune up, I have never had the spark plugs changed or any other major engine service other than oil changes

How do I install rear hatch door handle?

insert key to start vechile key will not turn to start vechile i presume i have a problem with the ignition swicch assy.

I am getting multiple indicator lights on dash including the yaw sensor, trac lights multiple codes showing up even after having some repairs made. Want to replace computer generating these lights/codes with a used one. I dont know where it is located. HELP!


How much does it cost to replace the 2nd row, center seatbelt in a 2003 Toyota Sequoia?

When I start up and shift into "drive" the Overdrive off light comes on. I am unable to turn thr OD on by the button on the end of the shifter. I have to either shift it into neutral and back into drive and then push the button or wiggle the lever up and down.

what is a po446 code on a toyota sequoia

It just stoped working and I checked all the fuses and fuses are still good.

recently when I make a right turn the traction control light will come on and stay lit. I can travel to work (10) miles with no problem, but around noon and when I leave work it will light. If I turn the truck off and turn it back on the traction control button will not work when depressed. What should I do. I don't want to contact toyota as of yet

The rear door will not open and has apparently seized in the closed position. This prevents access to the spare tire which I think is a safety issue. This has happened to several people in our area many of which have had Toyota shops repair the problem only to have it quickly recur.

Do I need to remove the interior door panel before I can remove the outside mirror?

How much should I expect to pay to have my timing belt, drive belt and water pump replaced?

problem is constant and vsc light is on and park light will
not display when in park

What is the cost of brake service/replacement at the dealer?

What is the cost of this service including timing chain replacement?

procedure to install struts on the front

My rear wiper is not working and stuck half way through cycle, washer is not working nor is the defroster and electric hatch window. I have checked the fuses and are good. The wiper worked sparatically but did not follow the pulse or all on, only as it felt like working. Now it does not move at all. In the fall, the defroster worked on half the window, now not at all.
Any suggestions on where to look?

I took my care in for inspection and was told I had a frozen right caliper. The repair bill describes a cylinder assy, D1 whatever that means which costs 468.54, the labor was $90.00. Is that a reasonable price? The ultimate bill after taxes and inspection charges was over $730 with no other problems. To me that is ridiculous

The wireless remote recently would arm or disarm the security system up to 100 feet away. Now I must be right next to the vehicle for the remote to arm/disarm the system. No recent maintenance to the vehicle or vehicle battery change. A fresh battery has been installed in the remote. Any suggestions"

How do I remove the Door panel to replace the opening mechanism, TH eone I have currently broke off in my hand upon opening< Must the door panel be removed to take the handle off.

My Passenger door handle broke off in my hand, I understand that it is easily changed. How do I change it?

I recently purchased a 2003 Sequioa (Jan 2011), and this last month (Feb) the VSC and Brake light came on while I was driving. I took it to the local Toyota dealer, and they updated the AOG computer software, however, I'm still having the problem. They now are telling me that the recommended repair is to replace the Master Cylinder and Brake Booster at a cost of $1,700. I've had the SUV a month and a half, purchsed from a Thousand Oaks Toyota, and now I may have a $2K dollar bill. Has anyone had experience with the Trac Control VSC and Brake light problems being corrected by replacing these parts. before I shell out any money?

How do you unlock or tilt the seat? I need to but on a new assembly kit on the seat.

Just had rack & pinion replaced in fall. Shortly thereafer had to replace component in steering wheel that controls horn and airbag (told it was screwed down too right when R&P replaced- broken clock spring?). Then had VSC light come on at some point during this mess- told it was angle arm sensor. Was having problems steering when car first started - like no power steering until I would be turning hard, and then it would break loose and be fine. I was told angle arm sensor would cure this but it has not. This is getting discouraging. Any ideas?