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I lost my keys 4 weeks ago. A locksmith told me it will cost almost $400 to get 2 new chip keys & reprogram the car.
I just found a regular metal key without the chip & it cranks the engine but doesn't actually turn on. Even though the locksmith told me that a regular key can make the engine crank but won't turn it on. Some friends told me that if the car needs a chip it wouldn't even crank. Before I spend all that $ I want to know if it's normal 4 the engine 2 crank without the chip key & all I need is a boost. (since its been laying in cold weather for 4 weeks) Or is it normal to crank without chip & I definitely need a chip key to get this engine started?.
Just happened about 1 1/2 weeks ago. have checked all fuses, all are good.
Do i need to replace the fuse bpx or negative cable
VSC TRAC, and VSC OFF, and ABS lights or on. they stay on, no flashing.
Went around a curve on the interstate a little to hard the other day and heard a beeping sound or warning signal come on. I am wondering if this may have cause these lights to come on? The vehicle is driving fine. Could it be the YEW sensor?
has been replase twice
has been replace twice and flush noise steel there
in the middle of the 4 lights, what do that mean.
Rear window goes down on it's own (never up) and door locks on all doors trigger randomly. Not the key fob, as I took the truck a couple miles away from the fob & it still happened. Window toggle inside the truck works fine. Thinking it's the rear lock on the door - it has gotten stubborn and will not operate the window at all now - neither will the key fob. Is there a way to disconnect that lock so that the problem goes away?
my power is losted and when I try and stop the brake padel don't connect right on stopping acts like it want to keep going
the tracking light keep coming on it has lost power hesitate pulling off
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