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won't open
my daughter (2) years old. pushed the 4wd button while vehicle was off, turned vehicle on and the 4 green tire came on. and a orange circle light started blinking. got the fluids changed since i had just bought it from someone who didn't use the 4wd often. so i read up n thought that might b it. i try to reset it by disconnecting the battery, taking out fuse, and replacing fluids n nothing. still blinking. car drives fine. no noise no weird transmission jerks or noises. i already spend 230 changing fluids, in differentials and transfer case. and light still on.
flashing.could it maybe b we dont really know how to engage disengage 4wd?? how to lock transfer case? please help. i am in mist of starting my own Business i have no room for major work on this truck. i would appreciate any related info.
diagnostics says port 1 and port 4 is running lean
I am finding some are 2 wire and some are 4 wire for the same location sensor. how do I know which I need?
Do not hear when driving on highway or street. Occurs when turning and parking. Sounds like a squeaky spring. Have replaced lower ball joints 30,000 miles ago.
Have 334,000 on vehicle but keep it maintained. Travel 40,000 per year highway miles. This sound is embarrassing when I pull in a parking lot. Just started two days ago and I am 1000 miles from home.
My husband drove my Sequoia 2 days ago on the ice/snowy road w/no problems. Today I attempted to drive it myself but the VSC light shows off & every time I attempt to change it over to 4HI or back to even 2wd my 4Lo button flashes & beeps continuously until I change it back to 4Lo. My vehicle acts like it doesnt want to go & has a winding sound if my speed gets 30 or over. I have owned this veh for 3 Winters & never had an issue. HELP!
Yesterday, when I turned on my turn signal, the radio shut off but then went right back on. This happened a total of 3 times yesterday. It probably did it 3 out of 7 times. Then when I got in my car today, the clock was the wrong time. I reset it, but then when I got out of work it was the wrong time again. I reset again, went to the store and again it was the wrong time. Any ideas? Thankyou:)
How do I ohm out my Throttle Position Sensor? At an idle it drops to under 500 RPMS at Highway Speeds the Check Engine light goes off.
My engine light is on and the vsc tracking light says vsc track off, how do i turn it off or is there something wrong with engine?
The fuse that controls my rear lights keep blowing it stormed here and that's when this started.So far I've only replaced the fuse and after driving a shirt distance it blew also please help???
Last time I did it was about 7 monthes ago but my question is do I need to change the oil filter and spark plugs too? On the last tuneup I did change them
Door locks cycle on and off. Happens during wet weather and usually takes 2-3 hours of driving. Sounds like there is a relay shorting out so that even though the doors are already locked, it attempts to relock them. If I unlock doors using the rocker switch, immediately locks them. Then the lock mechanism tries to lock them again, and cycles through this every 10 seconds to 3-4 minutes randomly. Is there a relay under the hood which might do this when moisture enters the engine compartment? If so, where is it located and what is the part number. Help! This is driving me crazy!
Hi, test drove a 2007 sequoia 4wd with 54,000 miles. Loved the truck and really wanted to buy it, but while on the highway at 60mph and above, I noticed a low constant rumble sound with a very mild vibration in the chassis. Also, noticed a transmission or driveshaft clunk a few times while coming to a stop. Any ideas? Thanks so much!
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