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The window comes down crooked and makes a loud pounding noise as if its about to break. The window will go back up smoothly.

Where is Bank 2 Sensor 1?


the radio and odometer operates just fine. But its hard to see because the back lighting isn't working.

when using flasher one side of trailer lights worked but no turn signals and heading to RI

as a chief engineer u have to recomend some test about your fuel which is causing problem in engine


Can I install a TRANSLATE COMPUTER ASSEMBLY my self or do I need to have the dealer do it? I have the new part in hand but don't want to screw it up.

It has a vacuum hose running from the intake manifold to a valve or swicth of somekind at the pressure hose connection on the pump and another hose running from the same valve to the intake filter tube,i cant find info on what it is .Old pump quit working,so i replaced it and the new one doesnt work either.Could this valve be causing it?

the handle broke!!! I am seeing this is a very common problem. Is there a recall in the works??

I had the headlight relay go out again. I used a paper clip to see if I could bypass it. All that does is leave the lights on full time. Which makes sense and I thought that happen. Well.....I put in a new relay and I have no headlights at all. I put in both old ones too and same thing. Is there another fuse? I am having a heck of a time finding info for this.

After having the bushings on the rack and pinion replaced the VSC started kicking on when you go into a sharp curve. The dealer has replaced the main computer and a sensor but when I took it home it still does it. They can not figure it out nor did they advise about the recall and they do not think it is related to the other work but it is odd that it started immediately after the bushings were replaced.

The dealer said its the ABS self check

Recently changed the front brake pads and since then I hear a rumbling noise when I press my foot on the brakes. It does get louder as I come to a complete stop.

I changed the spark plugs but no change.

Not sure if the recommended service is absolutely necessary. I always hear that people run their toyotas for 200000 miles plus without ever touching the engine.

I check the fuse they look good.

In addition, I was also informed that my check engine light (LED) is blown!!!

I have a 2003 Toyota Sequoia SR5, 4X4. Just recently, I noticed two interesting things happening. 1) When i turn the steering wheel to the right, while driving, the interior dome lights turn on. 2) My door locks will randomly unlock while driving. Any suggestions?

The suggestion is to fix the wheel bearings. Wouldn't the noise have been there before if it was the bearings ?

i already had the rear hatch latch repaired

it just started happening and it happens all the time

Driving on dry roads trac & vsc lights came on suddenly along with a loud beep/warning sound. Felt as if car was slipping/hydroplaning. Very scary. 3 weeks later happened again 3 times in one evening, again dry roads. This time heard a grinding noise possibly?

Took the truck to get a required NC State Inspection. Shop informed me the computer showed fail during the emissions test ... also informed that my check engine LED light is not working. Not sure if someone tampered with it to cover up a problem, or if light was on for a long time and eventually burnt out. I purchased the vehicle used last year in FL, but I live in NC. Thanks

disconnect to stop this problem? It occurs between 5 mph and 60mph. My Sequoia has 128,000 miles but still runs well except for this problem. Once the VSC light comes on saying VSC Off everything is fine. Thanks

My Speakers are blown out and I want to replace them myself

i have replaced the pads and rotors and it still squekks
would the dust cause it

It continues to blow but it just blows warm air. Dealership said to check radiator and overflow and the levels were fine.

helping my sister out

Every time when I make stop or thru slow traffic, happen that.