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to, fixed then cleared.
When I got the car it was ticking, pretty loudly and pored white smoke out the exaust. I was told it was the rod barrings, the top barrings showed signs of wear so I replaced them. Finally got it back together and started it up and it hammered louder than before. I did notice it was not poring white smoke anymore. The check engine light is on and has been on from what I understand. I haven't been able to run it for codes yet, I'm afraid to leave it running for long,(I don't have a scanner) and don't want to cause anymore damage.
This problem persist when the car is switched off and later switched on.
front wheels vibrating when applying brakes
Sequoia 4 wheel drive limited v8 w/159000 miles feels like the rear tires are flat when I back out of the garage/drive and sometimes when I first start to drive forward. Happens frequently, every couple to every day. Once I have been driving for a minute or two, it drives fine (no more bucking or flat tire feeling). What could cause this to occur?
I just observed that the coolant level in my 2002 Toyota Sequoia keeps slowly going down to halfway between Full and Low, in about 12 to 24 hours, whether driving or parked. I removed the skidplate and noticed coolant dripping slowly along the lower edges of the radiator. The hose there seems ok. Would it be wise load up on a few gallons of coolant, take my time home, stopping every hour or so to check the level? Travelling will be about 12 hours. Thanks for helpful answers.
This problem happens all the time. I also smell something burning when I'm driving.
right above were the side air bags are located any ideas why
I want to believe that it has occurred due to me kinda pumping (tapping) on the brakes to come to a complete stop. If I turn off my vehicle and turn it back on, the lights will not turn back on. Should my brake system be service, and if yes, than what in particular should I have done?
The light continued to blink and I did feel the cruise control moving my vehicle. Tried turn it off but it stayed blinking. About 10 minutes later it turned off on its own. Should I be concerned?
2 months ago I had an autostart put in it. since then I have had to jump it twice. went back to the shop and was told that the lights had to be in the off position not auto. changed that. yesterday it just wouldn't start. put in a new battery. dash lights are on. doesn't even try to start. auto start does not start it either. some say I am locked out, could be alternator...ideas??
won't open
my daughter (2) years old. pushed the 4wd button while vehicle was off, turned vehicle on and the 4 green tire came on. and a orange circle light started blinking. got the fluids changed since i had just bought it from someone who didn't use the 4wd often. so i read up n thought that might b it. i try to reset it by disconnecting the battery, taking out fuse, and replacing fluids n nothing. still blinking. car drives fine. no noise no weird transmission jerks or noises. i already spend 230 changing fluids, in differentials and transfer case. and light still on.
flashing.could it maybe b we dont really know how to engage disengage 4wd?? how to lock transfer case? please help. i am in mist of starting my own Business i have no room for major work on this truck. i would appreciate any related info.
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