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No check lights of any kind are on and the only time the vehicle KICKS Hard, feels like from the rear, is if I am going downhill at appx 30mph and have let off the gas and not applied the brake. Vehicle does not kick at any other speed no stutters or shakes, does not hesitate and all gears change out normal, there is no funny sounds coming from vehicle either. Could there be a sensor that is going bad or what??? If I apply the brake going downhill it does not kick at all it ONLY does the kick if I am at 30 mph and going downhill with my foot off of the gas and the brake too. HELP please.

At 30 mph going downhill and let off gas and do not apply brake at the time the vehicle is changing gears there is a hard kick from the back. No lights are showing problem. Only does it at 30 mph and only if letting off gas and not applying brake at time of shifting. Changes out at all other speeds with no kick and no trouble. What is causing the kick?????

about the 2001 sequoia, misses at idle speed then smooths out at hwy. speed. rest of question in previous question. Thanks

details in prev. question.

When I try to turn the heat on to cool engine down is doesn't work.

My husband thinks the condenser clutch is not working

Feels like its not completely shut but I cant get it to open at all anymore how can I get the hatch to function properly again considering the only way to get to my spare tire is that door please help

air bag light is on .belts need changing. running hot

After replacing power steering pump twice with Napa pump, thinking we got bad pumps, installed a Toyota pump and it still makes loud noise. Sounds like a cow in labor.

how much additional time is required to also replace the thermostat when replacing the radiator?

Have a 2002 Toyota Sequoia. Speakers were failing due to age, so while I was replacing them, I decided to add an amp to drive the new speakers and add a second amp and a sub. While working on the audio, I unhooked the negative battery terminal and hooked it up again when I needed to go somewhere. As I was driving, my car stalled on me multiple times, though it started up immediately. When I got to my destination, I pulled on the negative battery terminal to see if it was loose. It seemed tight and my car drove normally. When I went back to work on my audio system, I again unhooked my negative battery terminal and again had trouble with my car stalling while driving down the road. Upon completing my audio system hook-up, I started my car and pulled it in the garage for the night and inadvertently left one of the interior lights on overnight. It was still on this morning when I was going to leave for work, but my car would not start. All I am getting is a rapid clicking sound coming from down in the center of the engine back toward the firewall. I tried jump starting it, but had no luck. Any ideas?

have replaced both tps and accelerator sensors on throttle body, am getting signals to ecm, replaced ecm same code. What is circuit "A" and what am I missing?

I have replaced the rear liftgate hanlde and the cable is not getting pulled enough to open the tailgate. Can you adjust the cable somehow?

When accelerating onto interstate highway its like a jet taking off. Gets louder as accelerating. If back off the acceleration then the noise dims with deceleration. Can feel some vibration and ears kind of get blocked up just like on plane take off. The more accelerate the louder the noise gets. Quite annoying and fearful going to breakdown. We bought the car a little over a year ago. Never noticed this problem until the past couple weeks. Like I said very noticeable at higher speeds.

I replaced the broken latch for the rear door but the door does not lock with the remote and he key does not work in the lock. Has anyone had this problem and /or have a solution.

My 2001 Sequoia died and then after trying to restart it the check engine light came on.

on my 2001 toyota sequoia when at idle the volt meter drops to about 15, but when rpms increase it goes back to almost 18, if u turn off engine and if lights are left on( or radio for that matter) ignition in acc position the batt. will not start the engine only click. the car does not have to be in this position long. So do i have a bad batt. or is the alternator going out. HELP

if it is a bulb what is the difficulty in replacing that one bulb

t he rear tailgate window will only work very occasionally do i need a new motor or is there some else i could try first. Second question same vehicle all the indicator lights work on gear shift except for the ;light for Drive, can i just replace a bulb? and if so how difficult?

Do i replace the motor or is there some thing i could check first? also can u give me details on how to test the motor or what every part that needs to be tested, remember i an only shade tree mechanic so please give me some details. I need to get this window operational.

The battery is fully charged... stranded need to start vehicle to get fixed.. need temp fix to start it is an automatic.. turns over but clicks and will not start

Got Toyota Sequoia tire sensor change. Tire pressure is good . Sign for air pressure is still there. Sensor is of REDI Sensor company
How to remove it

what can be the problem?

I bought a used vehicle, brought it home and the first night noticed a huge oil leak on the driveway. 5 days later the leak is about the size of a mason jar lid. It's a 4WD

Engine missing under load.

how do you change spark plugs on 4.7 toyota sequia engine were are they located

it also has several codes c1203,c1223,c1247,c1310,p0031,p0305 engine miss fires when any throttle is given at all and misses bad going up hills could this be something else triggering other codes thanks

2005 Toyota Sequoia

Hatchback does lock closed. Light just stays on. How can I turn off the red door open light?

I am attempting to recharge the system.