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My battery gage was running high so I changed my alternator and battery and unplugged my radio, but now it's either to high or so low it wont hold a charge!! Like it has a bad alternator but it test good and my battery is brand new.
I was trying to change the front differential fluid and the fill plug I couldn't make loose I grinded the treat my problem is that the differential is empty I too off the draing plug.
Replaced broken raer hatch handle with an all metal one but now handlen latch barely moves and does not allow door to latch closed
No problem.
This happens occasionally shortly after the Sequoia has been sitting over night just wondering if this could be a vacuum issue?
U joints been replaced tie rods replaced brakes and rotors also
Makes click sound but won't roll down
iPhone works perfectly in car
The front doors will not lock with the key fob. Is there an easy fix
last time I used it in late spring heard a tapping sound behind the radio. that was the last time the defroster and heat worked. fan working fine.
My car has been sitting for about 3 months waiting for a new radiator and battery. finally put new battery and radiator and now the car wont stay started. what areas could be the problem. Does it have to do with the computer being re-programmed? help desperate in florida .
This started happening randomly a couple of days ago. I brought it into a shop but everyone who has driven the SUV has never experienced it stall.
I have a new Air Filter; the Air intake, fuel system and throttle body sensor were cleaned. Now, the engine dies consistently. As long as i don't stop or apply the gas when the engine is about to turn off, my car will "come back to life" ... which is teaching me bad habits lol. Can someone please help me?
I have to run the ac at all times or it loses power and shuts off if im not on the gas what can i do to fix this problem
This squealing/screeching sounds happens only when in reverse and and it doesn't matter whether brakes are being used or not. I do not detect any issues when driving forward
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