Toyota RAV4 Questions

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The car starts, and idles, will drive at idle speed. No fuel disruptions, bad timing, misses nothing. But will not move any faster when pressing on gas. All the way to
how about the Toyota tire pressure
Disconnected battery cables and clean with cable brush. Reconnected cables and started vehicle and idle dropped.
what could the promblam
256000 miles
I like to perform my own maintenance and repairs but need accurate information to do this.
Engine light code P1130 .
Dash light does not work when night headlights are on. Will light up momentarilly when starting. Gas gage stays on empty even when full. Out of gas symbol stays on all the time when vehicle is running.
Brake lights are staying on after I turn off car.
Especially happens when wet out. Doesn't happen most of the time. But quite often.

Any ideas?
I there a way to increase the contrast on the camera?
I would like to know how to get my two back seats out. They are suppose to come out without any screw drivers or any other tool.
Stalls any time after driving 20 minutes. Car restarts from 5 minutes to an hour after sitting. Distributor, coil, fuel pump recently replaced. Runs well while running
Also whAt dose the ECT switch do?
The engine won't not cranking. The dash board shows all the symbols but it won't crank
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