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Charged air several times with dye no one can find leak where could leak be still no air

After I turn off my engine it makes cling cling like loud chime like I forgot my keys in the car or something? ? I have limited with push start. So any idea on why does it makes noice?

door locks, ac, radio, only working is interior lights and head lights

After changing both front wheel bearings brand-new rotors on the front ,rotors shaved in the back and brand-new brake pads all around my car started to feel like the tire was going to come off a wobble if you will or like a knot in the tire but there's not you couldn't feel it in the steering wheel but now you canslightly feel it in the wheel and I can feel the wobble in my butt and my feet. It also feels like in my feet something is rubbing are grinding or hitting something underneath the car. I got up underneath there and discovered I need to change the swaybar because the boot was busted I changed it other than that the CVC shaft has a dent in it were metal was pulled back and it's pretty deep deep. Discovered I need to change the swaybar because the boot was busted I changed it other than that the CVC shaft has a dent in it were metal was killed back and it's pretty deep deep

My Sunroof is stuck open. Any ideas on how to get it closed.

I just picked up an '08 Rav 4 to replace an old Honda CRV yesterday (purchased from care dealership). Tonight the VSC light, Brake light, ABS light and Slip indicator light all came on at the same time 30 min into my drive home. The dealership had put new brake pads and smoothed the rotors. From what I'm reading on here I need to take it somewhere (a dealership or even Autozone) and have them hook it up to a computer and tell me what's up? I have had a Honda for years and use their dealership for my maintenance - would they be able to do this as well or do I have to go to a Toyota dealership?
Thank you in advance!

It didn't over heat or anything

I changed the starter twice in three weeks and I am afraid the problem will reoccur. What could be the problem and what i can I do?

the charging voltage is between A14.2-14.5+ volts. Checked constantly digital voltmeter. Alternator was replaced 6-7 months
ago with DURALAST from AutoZone.
The problem began about 3 month after replacement of alternator. the battery also replaced.

I want to service to my car

Do you know any reasonable places that do that type of repair work?

the car shakes and shutters during take off and acceleration.. we took it to the dealer and they have had it 8 days and have replaced the torque converter and now blame it on exhaust..
this car has alot of problems including the exterior lighting constantly needing new bulbs. The dealer seems to not care how long they are taking and i can assure you we will never buy a Toyota again..

wife thought transmission was going out because of loss of power and bad gas mialage. I am thinking fuel injection system or (filter) or the sensor that monitors fuel to air ratio?

May high beams work but my headlights don't. I checked the fuses but I'm a little confused.

It just started to do this before it never came on.

Charcoal canister seems to be culprit. Estimated cost and difficulty of replacement please

This is a V6 base model

I found a page that listed how all the model years compared for the toyota rav4. I'd like to find it again. It gave a rating for each year like "clunker" or better according to problems reported.

doors automatically lock also my check engine and trac light came on and speedometer stop working- this is related to something that may have occured when they replaced the airbags - have only driven the vehile 4 times since they were replaced??

Seems to be when I have it in 3rd or 4th gear.

I want to give my car all it needs to live long and healthy. Any special needs when a newer car takes on so many miles in such a short time to allow it to live long and healthy?

I had heard that the 2005 Rav 4 was going to be part of the recall for the driver's side window. To date I haven't seen anything posted online nor received any documentation from Toyota. Any comments would be greatly appreciated!