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Rebill transmission
The car drags whenever I releases the accelerator to slow down without stepping on the brakes. It's like making an engine brake when it is supposed to slow down smoothly without stepping on the brakes.
slightly low. He said I needed to replace the water pump. Is this necessary at this time? No drips under car or noise.
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The dial seemed to have some sort of short. I could get very little air out of controls 1-3 but 4 seemed to work fine. It suddenly stopped working yesterday. I thought I may have smelled a rubber burning smell. Could it be a belt of some kind? The ac and heat are working, a little air is coming out.
Code:PO 753.No overdrive when taking off by second gear.
The Check Engine light stays on while the Auto LSD light flashes. Dealership scanned for codes and got P043E, P043F, P2401, and P2419. They suggest replacement of Evap Cannister and Fuel Tank. for a total of $2040.00 I have 48K miles on the car so of course it is out of standard warranty. I bought Toyota because they are suppose to last and be worry free. What can I do to remedy this?
I don't hear any rattle sound when I starts the engine, it only makes this horrible sound when driving up a hill or overtaking another cars. is that timing belt or something else?
I just start to hear a noise sound like twirling or something wrapped on wheels while to start moving, auto mechanics are assuming the front break pad to be replaced and others assume the steering or wheel bearing but couldn't trust their diagnosis. Does anyone experienced with this problem and what other advices could be offered to determine the real cause? Please help me out.
Check engine light came on car started going slow then jerking, Toyota stated that it was the Transmission Solenoid Shift. Some say it is the Electrical some say they have to fix the piece in transmission please help
This is 2 door 4 wheels drive
Could there be something wrong with the alternator? Also when I brake it makes a mechanical grinding sound not a squeak coming from my front brakes. It only makes this sound when I first start driving.
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