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2013 Toyota Prius V start button was red and won’t start until after I made three different attempts moments apart. And this happened three different times throughout the day, Toyota dealership said they couldn’t replicate the issues and the batteries were fine and nothing showed up on they’re diagnosis. But it never acted up yet since I left the dealership. This issue started on 03-16-18
After calibrating the tire pressure to the correct pressure, to include the spare, the tire pressure light stays on. I have tried to reset the button according to the manual, and took it in to the Toyota Dealer. They told me it would be $300 as it appears my connection is inoperable. The standard minimum rate for any repair at my dealer is $300. Minimum, always and goes up from there. Is this true? Does it cost $300 to get this light fixed?
I've noticed that we get poor gas mileage in the summer with our prius. normlly, we can average 50 mpg, but over the summer it's been closer to 44 mpg. is this related to fuel additives?
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