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This is a consistant issue.
As I said, I was travelling at a rate of 15 mph and the speedometer said 37! What happened? Is it a fuse or what?
I just received the 2016 Prius C One earlier this morning from Carvana and everything seemed ok. I drove it around the neighborhood with zero problems. Later I had to run an errand, so when I got to the last speed bump and slowed down to cross it, the car turned off. I was sitting there for nearly 5 minutes trying to get it running again. Made it to the store ok, when I went to leave and was near the intersection, it turned off again. I sat there for a good 10 minutes fighting with that vehicle. It gets going again, finally, and luckily the light was green, so I make it to the gate of my neighborhood. I brake so I can enter the gate code on the keypad and it turned off again!

I was there struggling about 3 minutes. During that time, it would start for a few seconds then turn off. It did this 3 times, on the fourth time, it stayed on, and I managed to get home. Anyone have any idea why this happened? No warning lights came on while I was experiencing this. The battery gauge was at 3 bars, then went down to 2. At one point, I switched to battery, hoping it would start. I'm not sure if I did anything wrong. I tried starting it with the parking brake up then down, just basically trying whatever I could to make it start.

I'm reading the manual, checking sites, I honestly don't know what's going on. I'm new to hybrids, so maybe I messed up. After about an hour, I decided to test it. It came on 3 with no problems. On the third time, I just let it run. After about 2 minutes, it shut off on its own. What seems to trigger this is when I slow down or stop, but it doesn't happen all the time. I've been reading the manual but since no warning lights come up, I don't know what to make of this. One more thing I just remembered, when I selected EV Mode, a message popped up on the screen saying it wasn't available. This happened when I was in the driveway testing the car.

Thanks so much for the help.

After an accident, there is a cut off switch and does anyone know where it is located,so Ii can start my car 2014 Prius c
Took car offroading now whatever, lines that runder the car are kinda hanging and krimped what are those lines or does anyone have the diagram for under the car
Should I take it to the dealer and pay megabucks?
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