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There are two plastic pieces in front of back shelf. These pieces are holding onto window and keeping me from lifting top until I free the window from the pieces.
Dash gauges and tail lights do not work. Checked all fuses and replaced a couple. Shill no tail lights or dash gauge lights. Replaced the Headlight switch still the same
2002 MR2 My drains for the convertible top got plugged up and there was a lot of water in the storage behind the seats. The next day, the car would do nothing so I starting looking. Battery was ok but I found a blown fuse for the radio and one other but I cannot remember the name of it. I changed those and the car now runs just fine. I have checked all the rest of the fuses and they are OK. Still the air and heat do not work. I have no power steering. The dashboard does not display anything at all ( no speedometer RPMs, gas, etc). I have been told that it is probably a grounding wire but this does not make much sense given that so much does work. Also, the ECU was mentioned but I disconnected the battery and the EFI and waited for all to discharge but that made no difference. Any more suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thanks
after converting from auto box to manual car runs beautiful but does not idle
I have an mr2 mk3 roadster 1.8VVTI can anyone tell if it it has a spigot/pilot bearing or bush in the centre of the Flywheel and if so according to the type what the part no’s might be. I want to get one before I take the Box out over Christmas to replace the Clutch.

Redg - W597 BUA

Thanks Tony
need to know if there is a fuel shutoff switch 2002 Toyota mr2 spydere
what does mean
codes p1646 and po860
I shift into the next gear fine, but then it sudden gets more power for that gear
What seems to make the problem better or worse? If I'm going at a higher speed within the rpm's its
How long have you had this problem? A few weeks
Trying to determine what needs to be fixed. Not sure if the ECU needs to be replaced if car still runs?
I have to use both feet on the peddles to start it. It idles so slow that it dies. I had fault codes p1646 p1647. I removed the fuse for a time and i unhooked the negative cable from my battery to fix the faults once i tried to start it the car sounded like it was out of gas or flooded but i pushed on the gas and brake/clutch and it started but wouldnt idle.
I had some black smoke come out of exhaust the car was not overheated and just lost power while I was in 3rd gear
it would turn over but wont start what could it possibly be
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