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A-C not blowing icy cold air but rather fluctuating from "cool" to "warm" depending upon rate of speed. Warm air only when idling, cooler air when cruising between 55-80 MPH, but steadily-fluctuating between cool-warm. Engine emits loud noise when started for first time/daily, but usually ONLY emits it once upon initial start-up, and during hot weather--above 80 degrees-F.
Technician recently determined HVAC system had too much freon, thus evacuated excess, thereafter--loud noise began emitting from engine compartment upon initial ignition during hottest part of day (West Texas).

My normal dashboard illumination is quite bright enough. The LCD display is hard to see in bright sunlight. The lights in the radio display do come on but are very dim even at night.
Any help is appreciated

Which would be the best place to get service, dealership service or independent mechanic?

i have a standard matrix 03 and yesterday i was going to the store when in gear and taking of im giving it gas and it stall like if it running out of gas hasn't done car has hit 10,0000 on the dot do i need a good service on it!

A/C is blowing cold then warm. I charged the system but the fan is making a louder than normal sound now. I do not know what it may be. Any help is greatly appreciated.

I have noticed the Idle is below 1000RPM / around 850 to 900 RPM. Could this be do to a dirty Idle control valve and have recently read that it can be cleaned with a spray cleaner. Where exactly is it located and do you have any pictures of a step by step to do this ?

The car was running yesterday but today would do nothing more than idle. The check engine is on.

this web site is a joke!!!!!!

I have a Toyota Matrix 2005, and am installing a new a/c compressor(came without oil). Does anyone know how much oil the a/c compressor will hold?

how to take off the driver kick panel. im looking for the parking fuse

How much to replace the transmission? :-(

2004 Toyota Matrix. Cd player started making a noise one day, we ejected the cd, the noise continued and got louder. I think it was still spinning even though a CD wasn't in the player. Once the noise stopped, we tried to insert a CCD and the player won't let it go in. Any ideas? Thank you.\r\n
Landon S.

I just recently bought a 08 Toyota Matrix and haven't had any problems with the car until a few days ago. My instrument panel lights for the A/C and heat, and gear shifter will not turn on. It all works just fine but I just can't see what it is that I am turning on when it is dark out. Thanks in advance!

my a/c doesn't work

My AWD Matrix was Towed in NYC, and after that there's been a whining sound coming from the Rear, when going 20+mph had a local mechanic checked it out and confirmed it was coming from the rear Differential. the quoted price for parts and labor was $1700. sound fair? please let me know..

how much does it cost to replace the front brake pads on the matrix?

I'm just looking for the the most it could possible cost to fix my AC. I can add freon and it cools for about a day. I use the kind of freon with a dye in it but am unable to locate the leak. Is it possible that the leak is in the compressor and if so, could it be fixed? If shop has to replace the compressor, how much $$$ am I looking at? Thanks in advance!

how much to repair right suspension problem. Seller admitted after I called that the problem had gone on three years and was a rubber mount needed replacing

The fan for my heat/AC only works sometimes. Any suggestions on the problem?

I rarely use the cd player in my car, but recently i bought some CD's and wanted to use them but all the buttons are unresponsive, I haven't touched the CD play or changed it at all, the radio works great though, any idea what the problem is?

How much should this cost both parts and labor? Thanks

How much should it cost to replace just the o-ring on the Timing Chain Tensioner on 2007 Matrix. I just had it repleced at the recommendation of the Toyota dealer at a cost of $123.97. Did I get ripped off?

replaced front o2 sensor (CODE WAS FOR A LAZY O2 SENSOR)
.Code came back 1 week later.Car has 200k on it and runs fine. Checked for vacuum leaks, none found any help appreciated thanks

How much does it cost to have a fog light bulb replaced on a 2003 Matrix

I have owned my 2003 Toyota Matrix since 2002 but just recently whenever there is a heavy rainfall I find a pool of water on the rear floorboards. The front floorboards are wet also but the rear floorboards are worse. I do have a sunroof but don't think that is the problem because the seats are not wet. Do you have any ideas on where the water is coming from?

diagnosed CODE P0103 problems listed under this code.

Normally, the lighting goes on on instrument panel when engine starts. Usually, ~ 30 seconds later other lighting is switched on on CD player and on gear box.

Although now lighting initially goes on on instrument panel, after ~ 30 second it switches of completely at instrument panel and do not show up at CD player and gear box. What can be a reason for such behavior? Some relay?
If yes, where it is located?

My check engine light came on in my 2003 Toyota Matrix,

The lights on my ac knob (the temp control) does not work. How do I fix it?

Just back from the brake shop. The noise that just started when I apply the brakes is coming from the front. They say that I have 40% more brake pad, but the pads are wearing uneven. This, they say, has caused the rotors to wear, and that they are too thin to turn. New pads and rotors=$400.00. Anyone know what causes this and is it covered under warranty? Mileage is 58,700.