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I changed the spark plugs and 3 out of 4 broke off so I had use an easy out to get them out and now it sounds like the piston is sticking what's the problem?
No gas is delivered to the engine, in drive, and all it will do is move forward at idle speed. This happened at low speed, gong up a hill, and also on level ground at high speed, and once upon turning on the ignition, the transmission slammed into drive, and there was no response , just idling ahead, when I stepped on the gas.
All kinds of excuses for not repairing them. They don't know what causes it to explode - as stated in congressional hearings- but they expect me to drive it. Can someone disable it for me?
the battery drains real fast and has to be jumped off. Also, the alarm goes off when attempting to crank the car and it takes multiple tries to get it to start.
I have 60000 on my Maxtrix. For 10 years I have driven it about 600- 400 miles each month in short trips to the store, etc. A long trip for me is maybe 15 miles. I need to spend about $1200 on this car (60000 check, new tires and battery) before Virgina's April state inspection. I'd like some ideas of how this usage impacts the life expectancy of this car's systems, both major and minor.
The yellow engine light came on early Sunday morning. I drove to church and back with light still on. My husband checked battery and found corrosion. He cleaned corrosion. Our mechanic friend stopped by. When he inserted and turned the key, the warning light was no longer on. My husband claims he didn't reset the warning yellow light. Is it possible for yellow warning engine light to turn off after battery corrosion is cleaned off?
I was told if one breaks the other is not far behind and could break at any time so I should get it done before it breaks. I also was told they would help me see if the timing chain needs replacing but I now find out they never break. Don't know if that mechanic is reliable
only been a little over a year since motor replaced in told motor mounts need replacing & power steering pump,wouldnt those be part of a new engine install???please help a.s.a.p.
There is a major recall due to airbags. And I need to know if mine is one.
My matrix is a 4wd and it tends to consume more fuel and I can smell the fuel whenever I switch off the engine please what tends to be the problem
My phone is ringing from inside my vehicle NO LIE and I have NOooo idea where it could be. My purse was tossed and my best guesses were somehow it slid down my emergency brake or down the air duct underneath my passenger seat. Any idea if these are possible?
My mother, who lives in Florida, claims her dashboard lights come on when the sun is up, however, once it gets dark, the lights go out. I do not believe there is a light sensor that controls the dashboard lights.
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