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has anyone had this issue? car only has approx 67000 miles on it.
the repair shop quoted me $795 to replace both axels and boots and they are planning to use after market parts. is this price fair and are after market parts safe to use? i'm planning to keep the car as long as possible, will the axels and boots need to be replaced again in another 67,000 miles? thanks for any input.
Locks keep on locking and unlocking by its self
the codes coming up are 8-22-15 PO442, PO446, PO441. 442 and 446 came up twice on that date. Also 8-19-15 PO456 came up. I have a codes reader and have erased them but want to know if I should look into fixing them. I did have a evap code about 1-2 yrs ago but nothing until this.
Car died, sat for 20 minutes & started, ran 2 minutes and died. Started next morning to load on transport to take to dealer. Dealer put computer on it for a whole day, ran parts with it and let idle. Ran perfect. Has run great for 30 days and now doing it again. No codes or lights.
I changed the thermostat and got the P0115 trouble code. I may have a faulty thermostat.
The emission control is "not ready" for inspection. There is no "check engine light" indicating something is wrong. I was told the car was not driven enough after battery died.
hi I have a 05 matrix with a a/c electrical problem everything starter with the a/c compressor not getting good ground and then now I have no power on the main a/c relay, my question is if the car has another fuse inside for the a/c system? my switch inside the light wont turn on I just have the fan blowing. anybody here has a idea what could it be.
please help.....
The noise is especially loud when I turn it on high.
I changed the spark plugs and 3 out of 4 broke off so I had use an easy out to get them out and now it sounds like the piston is sticking what's the problem?
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