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Say that while attempting to jump start my 05 v8 lc the terminals crossed and it went pop. Checked for blown fuses. which there were some that I replaced with the same type and nothing except the headlights, warning lights on the instrument panel and hazards work now. However, the vehicle will start and run but I have to use the shift release button to get it in gear.

I've attempted to check all fuses and relays to the best my ability and can't find a problem. I drove it up to autozone to get a diagnostic test run and they are unable to get the machine to power up due to lack of anything electric working inside the vehicle except the warning lights.

Any advice would be great. Thanks

I am having a problem when I press my brake pad. There are times when they are mushy (When I haven't driven for a hour or so) If I experience frequent stops, then they may become hard at the next stopping point and all I have to do is barely touch my brakes and they will stop the truck. I am noticing a vibration in my steering wheel when my brakes are hard as if the calipers are not retracting like they should. During the times when my brakes feel hard my truck seems as though my brakes are engaged when I am driving and it appears to want to stop the truck. I sometimes smell a burning odor and see smoke coming from my front passenger brakes. The smoke doesn't occur daily but everything else is a daily occurrence.

error shows when gas tank is filled, Erg modulater replaced, Erg pipes cleaned. Help

vehicle has done 180000 Kms has been serviced every 10000 since new.There are no oil leaks. This problem has been noticed over the last 50000 Kms. It is a petrol engine

When I try to accelerate it feel like it is starving for gas. When the car warms up it runs fine.

The switch seems to work when flashing the high beam headlights, but they will not come on when I engage the high beam switch

I tried looking behind glove box, but still cannot locate the housing for a filter

one mechanic said no need to replace
some said replace it may work
it runs great
please advise

2 dealers say I should not replace it - the engine would be damaged because the air conditioner is connected to the engine by a belt. Help! Thanks!

i cant get the cover of on my rear high mount brake light on my 2000 landcruiser personal carrier as i need to replace the globe

when i check my oil i know ihave an oil leak but it seem to smell like gas .

1az disel engin for toyoya landcrposer model 2006

my check engine light is on and i thought maybe i will change the o2 censores first opose to changing the convertors.

my check engine light is on and i thought maybe i will change the o2 censores first opose to changing the convertors.

The car has 150,000 miles on it. the noise is there all the time when the car is moving, and all the way until stopped.

my vehichle has 3 positions on the 4 wheel drive shifter...when it is in the nuetral position the vehichle does not move.....this should take it out 4 wheel drive but still allow the vehichle to move when the vehichle is in drive position???

I need to replace this mirror so must disconnect/reconnect the power supply

Whilst driving on level ground, the brakes work fine. when the brake pedal goes to the floor (upon going over a bump or down a pothole) and then the road conditions are level again the brakes revert to working fine.

My 2002 LC cant drive in 2 wheels drive, whenever i put it in drive or reverse it make a grinding. I put it in 4 wheel drive and it run good.

Hi. I would like to know how many batteries cell inside the Landcruiser 2005.

my engine check light is on and i want to know could this be from the mis fireing.

what is the permanent remedy of the problem

what is CRYOPhilic bacteria

i have changed the plugs and the fuel filter and also the air flow element but the car is still heavey in its drive as it feels it is dragging itself could tell me what should i do so the car boosts up and runs in a free mood.

altnator has been replaced

my power steering was leaking i thought i needed a new one so i took it to the shop and they said it was a seal some kind of ring. i let them change the seal ring , when i got the car back it had this sqeaking noise up front i was told it could be the cv joint.



about three month ago my check engine light came on , then about a month later while gasing up with regular gas it went off. now three days ago it came back on . it there a reason why it went off and came bqack on. please explain.

please give me alittle more insight on this problem.can it be something simple.

i remember that it came on a couple of months ago for awhile and i remember filling up one day with regular gas and it went off, but now its back on. i had a cat put on a few years ago. i hope thats not the problem.could it be the rear 02 sensor.