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I have a 1994 Toyota land cruiser and it seems to have an electrical problem. I've replaced the battery and the alternator. Any suggestions would be gladly appreciated.
our 97 TLC heater control began flashing lights in the control panel and than stopped working all together. took it toyota and they said it was the heater control panel itself and it was 700 bucks to replace it. well we found one and repalced the unit i am a Ford tech. so installed the control unit and all lights work. you can hear the blend doors opening and closing and fans trying to come on. all the light work also. t The issue we are having now is there is an audible clicking noise on the driver side it sounds like the same clicking type noise from the hazards, but the fan shuts off and comes on with the clicking noise. Relay ?
This first happened when engine breaking but now has occurred a couple of other times. power take-up is not as smooth as it was previously
I have never been able to find "SN" sae 5W30 oil for my 1997 4.5L landcruiser. I worry that perhaps there are additives in this "SN" oil that maybe lacking in the local parts store offers/carries. I can only find SJ, SL, etc. My question asks what oils/fluids should i really be using or are what im using suffient.

What should i be using for my engine oil/where to get that?

What fluid/oil do i use in my transfer case? Where do i get those?

What gear oil/fluid do i use in my differentials? Where do i get those?

Is synthetic better or required in said landcruiser?
its a push start engine car. So how do i reset the T-belt maintenance light for this car after changing the timing belt??
what are the steps?
When I replaced the low beam bulb (drivers), it still does not work.
When I swithched out the bulb with the working side (passenger) it still would not work.
In addition, the adjacent bulb (next to...bullet like)is also out.
I own an 80 series land cruiser wagon 1994 model and recently the parking brake light on the dash won't turn off when the parking brake has been released. The parking brake is completely off but the light won't go away, what could that mean?
The alarm keep beeping when vehicle is cranked up.I have tried servicing the abs pump and the caliper,and the problem still persist.
Truck has 166k miles with original water pump. It is not leaking yet, but how long do they last and should I think about having i replaced soon?
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