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I've changed mass air flow meter. Plugs ,cap, wires and rotor. Even changed evap canister because of tank pressure.
Ive been told that this is a Oxygen Sensor and is going to cost $600 to replace it (Toyota Dealer - Western Australia. Would this be right?
this only happens in morning have been told vehicle is losing vacuum but noone seems to know how to fix problem
Have changed battery in key. .disconnected battery to clear memory. Checked bonet switch etc
The light come on on the dash and it lose power once it put into drive
What would it cost to replace a starter motor on a 2008 Land Cruiser?
The temp of the engine apears to be ok
The O/D light of my 1998 diesel Prado flashes only intermittently. Most of the time, the vehicle drives fine. But sometimes the O/D light starts flashing. When that happens, two other things happen: (1) noise starts coming from engine area (not sure exactly where.. sounds like a loud 'out of tune' diesel truck), and (2) significant power loss in low gear/start up hills. My mechanic thinks it my be (1) a blown transmission; (2) fuel pump problem; or (3) "some kind of electrical problem". Not very promising.. I live in Kenya so skilled technicians and diagnostic systems are hard to find and pricey to access. Any suggestion?
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