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while driving trac light (green) came on dash board and car started shutting down.

i want reset the timing belt light

A/T temp light on, red light above battery on. Have replaced battery, primary ignition under hood, new cap & rotor. Land Cruiser died 2 weeks ago.My son, a mechanic is running out of ideas.

#1.while driving down hill at 80 km/hr and if I apply break, the engine rpm will rise from 2 to 4 or 5 or another word from gear 5 quick change to gear 2 ???.

#2. My air conditioner in side the car some time produce bad smell like burning wire something like that??

#3. My CD player (original) could not eject. Can it be repaired or replaced with new original one?

location of fuel reset switch

Bought a Toyota Land cruiser 2005 V8 last week. After 2 days of use it started loosing power when accelerate and the RPM will not go above 3 mark. I have replaced the spark plugs, fuel filter, air filter. The throttle and Mass air folw sensor has been checked (replaced to other car of the same model and config to see if it is faulty and the throttle is fine). Throttle has been cleaned. It seems like the last owner has disconnected the check engine sign so can't get the codes.
The car runs very smooth if the RPM is below 3 but the moment I press the accelerator (idle or moving), car will vibrate as if the fuel is disconnected and RPM will not go above 3. Another symptom is that at first engine start, car will start and immediately shut down and then starts for the second time normally.
Recently I have fixed a leak in the stearing and replace gear oil, filter and diff oil. Car mileage is 190k.

a little drop of oil

Brakes go all the way down after replacing pads

I've had exhaust system looked over, few leaks repaired, but much louder than used to be. Started 6-8 months ago. I've heard the v8 99 TLC do experience cracked exhaust manifolds. Have 185,000 miles on vehicle now. Seems to be abnormal when I drive uphill to my home ( live in mtns Colorado) between 1000 and 1500 rpms. Still have power just louder than I like, like a hole in muffler. Must need new exhaust gasket or manifold is indeed cracked??????

cess. How do I connect or reset GPS. All I have is a black screen with the text 'need to connect to external carrier....

g fine but GPS system needs to be reconnected to external carrier? Any help is greatly appreciated.

Toyota mechanic says that fuel used in the vehicle is not hi-octane .. when injector cleaner is used vehicle stops missing ... But restarts missing if its not used agin on refueling there a problem with the fuel or the injectors ..?

How do I reset the alarm panic and does this prevent the car from starting

Was able to clear code, but MAINT REQD light would blink, then turn off. Now engine will not turn over...engine will sound like it wants to turn over, but will just stop with the key still in ON position. Check engine & MAINT REQD lights stay on also.

The oil seal on the steering box drop arm keeps blowing out. Any ideas?

Has 91k miles

What would the normal cost for the part or parts and for the labor be?

my 2007 petrol landcruiser wont rev past 3500 rpm and pulsing around that 3500 rpm mark

heduihh fhf

The drivers door electric window works fine but none of the other windows work at all from any of the door switches including the main one on the drivers door.
The car has been stood for about a month and I was wondering if water has got under the bonnet and damaged something. I have checked all the fuses and they seem ok. I have never had a problem with the windows before.

are there any free step by step instructions online to install a head gasket on a 1993 toyota land cruiser. lots of steam out of tail pipe, oil looks like choc. milk shake.keep adding antifreeze but ends up after driving in the oil.its been doing this for six months ,but now its much worse .i have read the reviews from blue devil and dont want to try it. i replaced a head gasket on my strait 6cyl truck .years ago. think i want to try the land cruiser, thanks for any helpful imfo.

Or any other suggestions would be helpful.

Traction control light illuminates for no reason and locks right front break weekly

We have replaced the two valves i think something to do with the injectors

it only seems to happen about once every 15 times and has no other problems running and has recently started in the last 2 months. spark plugs have been checked and all good and have tried hooking the computer up to read the problems but is too old of a model to read. suspissions that it may be the anti theft security?

I would like to know if there are any helpful hints with this project. The hose is very long and curved. How do I get it threaded through the frame?

3inches. no matter what 4x4 selector is in

A/T light, temp light, oil light, turbo light, timing light etc - every light that glows when you run the glow plugs is continuing to glow when engine running.

Ha anyone else had this problem screen black radio still working and heater how ever now cant change tempor settings anything and have no blue tooth or reversing camera

my head light shakes when I drive my cruiser on a rough road wiht lots of pumps. even whe I hit the hood or the pumper lightly