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I have a check engine light on.I like to plug it in for diagnostic.
Had a flat tire but dont know the range of the doughnut would be
car running sluggish. not enough power
My meaning- It should be TESTING Instrction by toyota to check the power steering is pump do the job correct or might be weak .
Trying to remain optimistic...noticed leakage around PCV grommet....what are the possibilities? Also after a recent oil change the oil appears dark in color...
what is the common cause of damage of release bearing?
rear right speed sensor
rear left speed sensor
but in crunt data they sending asighnal
i have 60,000 miles but ride is getting mushy, feel road bumps easier and more up and down movement than when new. maybe other suspension problems ?
When I start my LC at various times in the last several months, there is a high pitch screeching sound for around two seconds. It sound like my starter maybe on its way out. Please advise ASAP! getting
when driven for long distance and then switched off,when try to start again ,it won' t start until cools for about 1 hour,then will start .
Can a 2004 lexus gx470 abs module # 89054060300 work???
what reason could be camshalf broken
camshalf bended and broken
I was going up hill in reverce when it ran out. I know better but I kept on starting it up , now it just turns over but don't start.....HELP
Went through a car wash and water poured through one corner of the closed sunroof. Water also came in on the far left side on the driver's side.
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