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overnight. After reinstalling the battery , the truck started just fine. I let it idle to more charge the battery. After 2 hours the truck just stopped running. It will not start. All dash lights work. No starter click. Gas gauge indicates over 1/2 full. Truck is on street, not driven , just parked and running in idle, when it just quit running??????
Brake fluid level is okay and fuse is intact.
very random times- sometimes in winter or summer. never any similar situations like rain, car wash, etc..
My Land cruiser's AC emits a unfamiliar smell via vents. The AC drain tube is leaking/dripping on front passenger floor board, and AC is making weird noises (horn sound) at random times
Begins as soon as you start vehicle , until you turn it off.
ABS and brake dash lights lit
The engine light is only on part of the time, but doesn't stay on.
The alarm comes on intermittently
My wioers are not turning, although the rear wiper still works
The car jerks at 40mph and the check engine, Lo and trac off lights are all illuminated
My key sure that's ok
But I can't use it remotely

Please help
1000rm stable. toyota prado 1996 30 turbo kzj 90
The noise is a knocking or bumping coming from the front end. Straightening out the wheel eliminates the noise. What do I need to replace to get rid of this issue?
Mechanic seems to think it is the evaporator for the AC. to complicate things we live in Central America, so I'm not sure he's diagnosing anything electronically. It appears that this part of the system is hard to access. the conversation is in Spanish so I didn't catch everything on the phone, but I am going to go and speak to him in person, what questions should I be asking?
I have a check engine light on.I like to plug it in for diagnostic.
Had a flat tire but dont know the range of the doughnut would be
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