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can push the button but will stay on.even in vent or floor tried to just pull the ac fuse till summer time but the blower wont work with out it. so the compressor is always on bringing my gas mileage down

Toyota Land Cruiser V8 4,5l Diesel, 2011. Manual shifting is the same issue

There's a perpetual light like the abs light on. It's a diesel engine.

Chasis No: JTEBH3FJ70K028476
Model No: KDJ150L-GKAEYW

I just changed my oil mobile 1 8 quarts and great oil pressure, but oil light still comes on and off while driving anyone help

I don't know where they are located, or how to test them. I have always thought there was a cable that turned to show how fast you are going

Pump ok steering box ok. Plz help. Note running 37's


my care after driving for 30 km it becomes slower & the fuel doesn't flow correctly

my care after driving for 30 km it becomes slower &the fuel doesnt flow correctley

This oil warning light keeps flickering especially when the Car is gliding when am revving the light disappears but flickers again.The Car just got serviced about a two months ago.Everything else is normal the temperature is all ok.

I live in the northeast - and the frame, undercarriage, and suspension corrosion on my 2003 land cruiser is unacceptable. With Toyota replacing so many other frames (Tacoma, etc.) in this same timeframe, I'd like to know if there are enough 1998 - 2007 land cruiser owners out there to justify class action or another approach.

the transmission shifted hard at sometimes. yesterday I was on the highway and lost all forward and reverse gears. coasted to the break down lane and was towed home. this morning I started the truck and have drive, reverse, 2nd and low all back. anyone have any suggestions?

My 1985 FJ60 Failed Smog. I repaired the EGR, Complete Tune Up, and a New Cat Converter tomorrow. I was required to go to a Test Only STAR Station. Can I go to have my Carb adjusted at a Smog and Repair Station and have the Smog it when they are done?

the problem just started. windows dont go up, air conditioner does not work, control panel as well.

mechanic says likely a coil or spark plugs. also says possible bad valve and would need an entire new engine. Just bought the car for 6K and had it checked before purchase. It just had it's 200K service less than 10k ago. was well cared for but did I just get taken?

Is this a problem default or brake problem. 230,000miles and it's only problem except improper automatic shifting. Shifts fine manually

third and fourth gear strips if I drive hard

it's has beefy austrailian suspension and aggresive tires that look worn...i rode it around the city for a few hours and when i turned it off, there was a boiling sound coming from the motor...just purchased it w/140k miles, what should i do for service to be safe and what about the rough noisy ride (tire change? or suspension/cv boots/etc check) and boiling sound from engine! i hope its not a lemon, it's so cool. thank you for any advice.

Parklights go out blinkers work but brake light stays on

I have checked all the doors and pulled the positive pole on the battery to try to reset. What should I do. Budget is little. Truck is mainly used for off road.

Car model: TOYOTA ALPHARD-V 2004 2400cc