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Hi. So my Land Cruiser 90 automatic transmission is late to accelerate.
When i step on the gas it takes a while for it to engage but even when it does i can go very slow and rpms are high. I also noticed a big leak bit it’s hard to identify because its all over the front. Any ideas what is leaking? Thanks
the rpm increases from 600 to 800 when AC is connected and I feek the car is shaking little bit when AC is on and rpm back to 600 when AC disconnected and back again to 800 and so on
it happens maybe one in every ten times, when I turn the key I hear nothing no click or starter seleniod trying to click like its getting no power
Hi I have a Landcruiser VX200 2011 5,7 v8...
Hi I have a Landcruiser VX200 2011 5,7 v8 gasoline
It showed the code P2443. The second valve was stocked but not broken or burned. After working a little whith it , it was working again
After reinstall every thing and star the motor, the scanner shows P2437.
Even if the motor is not started, thecode comes
What can be the problem?
Was driving on my Prado diseal 2011 model automatic, sadenly it stops. Engine is running, but not picking gears. No warning lights on dash
Adjustable tilt works fine but "in and out" has failed. Suggestions?
The problem occurs every time it is switched from 4 high to 4 low. It is a manual landcruiser 200 gx diesel 2011 model
cd player will suck in a cd but won't hold it, it spits it right out and 1 cd is stuck inside
The noise is louder and more persistent in hot weather. Turning up the fan speeds does not result in a faster click. Activating vent buttons sometimes switches it off for periods. The sound emanates from behind the central dashboard panning.The aircon is leaking water onto the passenger side floor.
Hello. We have a land cruiser gxr v6 from 2010. The remote smart key system is a real nightmare. It constantly deprograms itself. Impossible to start the engine. It costs us a fortune in towing and reprograming. Anyone with the same problem. I wish we were back to the good old mechanical ignition... thanks
Sometimes it overheats and battery check lights comes on and vehicle stops
landcruiser 100 series 2005 model won't start after left sitting idle for a few days. it cranks but won't start. no obvious noises.
I have Toyota Land Cruiser Prado, Model 2013. Recently I have replaced Master Cylinder (Complete) but after that some error signals appear in dash board, ie. ABS, Traction Control, 4X4 and one more. in orange color. I gone to computer workshop to clear this signals but could not get success. can anybody help me to get rid of these signals.?
Brake padle goes on floor after change master clynder and brake boster.many time I bleed it.but still spongy.then I change brake routers and all calipers rebuilt.
Can any one help me to find out problume plz
My LAND CRUISER, VX 1997, refuse to automatically shift to 530th gear from 430th gear. Gearbox have just been overhaul last week, but problem still remain. What needs to be the cause and what needs to be change? TPS, Throttle Position Sensor, or SHIFT SOLENOID? Or is it other problems that I need to check and replace?
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