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Sometimes it overheats and battery check lights comes on and vehicle stops
landcruiser 100 series 2005 model won't start after left sitting idle for a few days. it cranks but won't start. no obvious noises.
I have Toyota Land Cruiser Prado, Model 2013. Recently I have replaced Master Cylinder (Complete) but after that some error signals appear in dash board, ie. ABS, Traction Control, 4X4 and one more. in orange color. I gone to computer workshop to clear this signals but could not get success. can anybody help me to get rid of these signals.?
Brake padle goes on floor after change master clynder and brake boster.many time I bleed it.but still spongy.then I change brake routers and all calipers rebuilt.
Can any one help me to find out problume plz
My LAND CRUISER, VX 1997, refuse to automatically shift to 530th gear from 430th gear. Gearbox have just been overhaul last week, but problem still remain. What needs to be the cause and what needs to be change? TPS, Throttle Position Sensor, or SHIFT SOLENOID? Or is it other problems that I need to check and replace?
I was running with low fuel & low fuel lights were on.Car started shaking so I went put some gas in.As I accelerated the Engine light came ON & as I slow down the Engine light disappeared but still shaking.I popped up the hood I smelled burning in engine area.
In the morning and while accelerating. the smoke engulfs the entire vehicle.
It's a safety issue while driving to have to look away from the road, push the climate button, and then push the screen to adjust the air volume.
A salesman told me that you could turn the right knob somehow.
Is that correct?
How long have you had this problem? Only bought the car 1 week ago.
It goes click, click, click when it is driven.
It drives in four wheel drive but cant drive in regular gear

What seems to make the problem better or worse? cold will not run
How long have you had this problem? 2 weeks
I have 1991 model Toyota Prado Land Cruiser. It has a 2L engine with automatic transmission. Recently I am facing an issue with it. It works perfectly fine in forward gears but if I apply any other gear like neutral or reverse it still goes forward. Have checked everything but couldn't find any issue . Seems forward gear doesn't get disengaged. Pls help.
I recently purchased a Toyota land cruiser LC5 automatic diesel, when I turn the indicators on left or right it makes an incredibly loud bleeping noise every time I use the indicators, it's a slightly different tone for the left and the right hand side. The noise is coming from underneath the passenger seat and sounds like a truck reversing. I've searched the manual and there is no indication of how to switch the sound off. How do I switch this off?
What seems to make the problem better or worse? It's always the same
How long have you had this problem? Been like that since I purchased the car
I tried removing the battery to rest the system but it was solved for just a short time and it turned back
What seems to make the problem better or worse? I don't know
How long have you had this problem? A week
The air that blows to front decrease and instead in will switch to the feet area
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