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The problem is Cold startup Grinding Rattle Noise....And how much will it cost the work
How long have you had this problem? one year
I hear an noise in engine area at right side , it start loudly and be lower after while.
What seems to make the problem better or worse? It is worse when the engine is started and be lower after a while
How long have you had this problem? one week, I complain many time about this problem and after you fixed it comes back
How can I turn off the check engine light and cure the rough engine noise
How long have you had this problem? 1 year
The oil service light comes every 5000 miles. How do I reset the maintenance light after a oil & filter change?
I heard a "small motor like noise" coming from under the back passenger side. I felt all fuses the large 80A Fan felt warm? The vehicle was off and sitting in the garage all night. No indicator lights came on when I turned on and started the car. 2016 Highlander
Have mad and throttle body cleaned already
I've replaced my battery and battery terminal. I've even tried both keys to start the car. But my car still doesn't start.
It starts okay but when I take a turn and move my steering wheel, it starts blowing hot air. When my vent direction is upwards and not towards me, it blows cold air even if AC is off and I see cold vapors on windshield
clunking noise in steering column
i just purchaced a 2017 highlander xle need to clean inside not sure what to use
Guess there's is leakages or something but can't really figure out where it's coming from
I currently have gotten new transmission new catalytic converter o2 sensors maf sensor timing belt water pump...Check engine light on cant get past 3 gear without rpm over 3000. No power and chattering noise. Help
Toyota service claims that the front brakes are dirty and need to be cleaned and oiled. Is this a legitimate suggestion or just a way of getting more business?
screen says check all wheel drive function What is wrong and is it dangerous to drive
parts stores lists either a 100 amp or a
130 amp. Number of amps not marked on
present alternator.
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