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I recently bought a 2006 highlander hybrid and now the check hybrid system light and the check vsc system light come on and the car won't say running. I've tried unhooking the 12V battery and making sure there is gas in the car as suggested in some of the posts and it still won't run for more than a couple miles. what else could be causing this?
The above occurred on my 2006 Highlander Hybrid. I was able to drive it home (about 1 mile). The manual says to stop and call the dealer.

Dealer said car shouldn't be driven, so I had it towed there. They tell me I need a new hybrid battery. That dealer says it will be $4850. Another says $4550. The warranty is 12 months/12000 miles.

I saw some people here saying to disconnect the negative battery cable for 2 minutes. That supposedly cleared the message and warning lights.

Any opinions/advice are welcome.
It has the check vsc and hybrid system on and I have removed the negative post on my car battery yet it comes up after driving for few minutes.What do I do?
when I'm driving this Toyota highlander 2006,i hear much noise and sounds vibriation
on dashboard in need step to take to find solutions to it?
Mine is a Toyota Highlander 2006 Hybrid. It recurrently brings up the check hybrid system, check VSC usually after a long acceleration of >100km/hr. Can I get answers please?
Problem occurs regularly and is hard to see in the day.
looking at a safe commuter car and cost is 9,000.
In AZ we have sunshine every day. Most days I can’t see anything on the display screen. The angle is such that the info is not visible
The remote key fob will unlock doors, but not lock them. The same is true with the door armrest switches: they will unlock the doors, but not lock. All other functions on car are normal. I am told I have a faulty Junction Block, OEM part #: 82730-48F22. I'm pretty handy if I could get some guidance in removing and replacing. Also wonder if the car computer will need reprogramming before it will run. Thanks!
I have the same problem, press horn button turns on cruise control and blows horn fuse. Did you get this issue solved on your highlander? What was the cause?
Oil change
Seems like the bulbs have too much power/heat for the lens cover.
Previous owner described it as a "clicking" but to me and my daughter is sounds like the car is cooking. Then it started sounding like chirping birds! Sound is low and intermittent. Mechanic didn't hear it when checking the car for pre-purchase inspection. We didn't hear it for first 100 miles of driving but now it pops up now and again.
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