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stopped working intermittent at first now just blinks
Radio was working fine before battery change. Replaced several fuses. Passenger side seat sensor not working. Any ideas how to reset?
They say it will cost $1,000 to replace the computer system and $182.00 for the new key. How can I tell if the place is being honest and is this really the amount I should be paying?
the dash door open light will not go out,
but the dome light will go out. i have checked all the doors and the back window. the dash light is still on all the time.
FJ starts but idle goes up and down. Getting code P2118, c1201, and C1290
What could cause the A/C to stop working after battery disconnected?
I took the car for a wash, then the next day while driving my dashboard signals handbrake light on.
Also the abs and slipping light on followed by a 1 min alarm beep. Afterward it goes all clear.
and it will cost around 800 dollars to fix. That two comes in a pack is the reason it cost so much
will an 18" 6 lug rim fit 07 fj cruiser or
which other stock toyota rim will fit my 07 fj i bought my fj used recently and has some bad aluminum rims on it i want to swap them out. i'm trying to find a used Toyota rim tha t will fit
It just stopped and the horn is the only thing I can find that does not work.
I turn the key over and it starts up for all of two seconds and then immediately dies, like its not getting fuel. I have replaced the fuel pump twice, thinking it may have just been a bad pump the first time. After changing the pump the second time, it sounds as if something is shutting the fuel pump off. I have also tried replacing the mass airflow sensor, only resulting in the same issues.
is causing noise.. toyota mechanic says differential or bearings...
I took my FJ to the dealer with a Cam senser problem on bank one and after $900 diagnostic and finding the problem they recommende to have the timming chain replace at a cost of 3678 on top of the 900. Killer.Thinking of taking it somewhere else.
The FJ Cruiser which is a great vehicle overall has cheap plastic parts on the end of the bumper and other places too. Toyota should be ashamed for adding these cheap junky parts on the end of the bumper. Anyone know where to get these parts cheap or an alternative to going back with them. I am considering throwing the entire bumper out and getting a real aftermarket bumper instead. These stock bumper clip on pieces are as bad as the left foot rest that breaks off and gets stuck under the brake pedal.
Part numbers Driver side T01005174 & passenger side T01004174.
Every time. Not balance or alignment. One said transmission. Another said no. What to do?
Is there a recall on this item
When driving fj I hear a grinding sound when I turn steering wheel to right. Stops when I turn steering wheel to left
it looks as if the car controls its self a little bit by waving and wobbling. though not constantly but in every three to five polls
shop says it needs a engine overhaul full of sludge did flushes
Dealer changed vvt controller.Light came back on the next day.Car performs great.No indication of engine problems.Dealer wants to tear top of motor down to detetmine cause at a thousand dollars?Please advise.Thanks
no dip ,stick
Hoping sensation when driving uphill at slow (20mph) speeds..?
engine hot and making a noise out of end of coolant hose
hv same issue? dealer said no known ac problems on fj said drivee it turn up radio etc... doesnyt do it all the time which is odd...
What does this mean? Can I take it anywhere or should I go to a Toyota dealership?
just got my 2007 fj serviced the mechanic told me there is an oil leak from oil pan gasket and an oil leak from the main seal. how much should this repair cost?
Should I ask for any specific brand or type?
Go out to start it and it will click,once, and wont start, you have to try several times before it will finally start. Have had it at the shop twice, once they put a new battery in, and second time a new starter. Now it is going it again. I have full power, all lights work, just clicks a few times before finally starting. What is wrong?

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