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I currently live in a no-snow, year-round, warm city and will be moving to Spokane, WA. Could someone tell me what things I will need to know about maintaining my car in a cold, snowy city (e.g., how long should I warm up a cold car in the am before I drive off? Do I need to clean the car in ways other than just a car wash?) and the type of equipment I may need (e.g., will I need snow tires?). Thanks very much!
I tightened the drive belt because while driving the 5 speed manual transmission noises are heard that do not exist when the air conditioner is off. What is the most inexpensive repair attempt and what else could be causing the noise? water pump? compressor clutch? what else could it be and where should I start after tightening drive belt?
It will never start on the first attempt. I wait till I hear a click, then one or two start cranking gets it going.
I have some leather jackets. When I drive a car with wear leather jacket Some say I m stupid. Is it???

Which one is most suitable visit the site and tell me
hey,my car is missing on petrol ihv changed fuel pump,changed injectors also the sensor located at the air intake box still no improvment,what to do now?
any other sensor that i should change.
waiting .. thankyou.
I had my transmission fluid flushed and then began experiencing loss of response and delayed shift into overdrive (60mph before "Kick Down"). This is a big change for my car. After a drive with a transmission specialist he suggested that it was a catalytic converter. Replacing the cat helped a lot with performance in the lower gears but I continue to have an issue on the top end. Any thoughts?

doesn't even click when it doesnt start. other times, i starts right up.
like a flywheel making noise. i dont hve a flywheel. someone said it my be my timing chain since i dont hve a timing belt. i wld like to knw how much its goin to cost to fix it including labor? and who shld i take it to get it fix besides the dealership?
I took out the sensor and blow it clean but I still have the problem of the car been accelerated, I have a friend and told me to change the flow sensor but am not sure if that has anything to do with it? HELP
checked fuse, swapped relay, installed new pump. turn the key and no power to the pump.
Idles rough in gear smooths out in nuteral car is also during at stop signs
My check engine lighht came on one evening after work (extremely cold, below 0 with the wind chill) and went back off the next afternoon. Could it have just been the fact that it was extremely cold. It was actually 28 below with the windchill.
I had my oil changed and was told that the car had a broken sway bar link. How would I know that this is true and how much would a replacement cost? And what's the average cost of a fuel injection cleaning. I live in in Clayton County, GA
When it starts it pops once then runs rough with a chugging sound.
Also electrical problem with battery drain when shut off.
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