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I put slightly over-sized rims and low-profile tires on my Echo. Big O assured me the fit was OK. Ever since, the rear tires rub when going over speed bumps while carrying a load in the trunk or 2 people in the back seat. Is there a solution other than going back to stock wheels?
Check engine warning light comes on every once in a while but there is nothing wrong with the car. Someone told me there is a way to shut it off myself instead of having a mechanic do it.
Our Toyota Echo will crank, the motor will shake, lifters will make noise, & it won't rev up.
We've replaced the fuel pump relay, spark plugs, starter, & put in a new battery.
Our friend says it's the motor, but we don't think so. He also said it was out of oil, but we know it wasnt cause we keep oil in it, but he added 2 quarts. It just needed to be changed.
wiill altenator from amatrix fit an echo
Mechanic was working on changing my brake pads and called me later to say the brake fluid needed changing. This turned out to be kind of pricey. For the next time: does brake fluid usually need to be changed when changing brake pads?
My Toyota manual says to add "Toyota Long Life Coolant" or equivalent. So two questions: must I add water to the coolant or can I just pour the coolant without any water straight in? Also, my coolant at present looks green, but the "Toyota Long Life Coolant" is red. Can I mix the two colors?
I'm selling my little sweet car (purchased a new RAV4) and the garage wants to charge over $600 for this service.
I just had it in to my service tech and put over $1000 into it and he found neither of these problems!
Replaced both belts in 2009 with the mileage at 72,430. I'm now at 105,130 miles and the mechanic told me that the top belt (alternator belt?) needs changing. True?
When this happens , I quickly put it in park. A few days ago I had a tune up and everything on my car. The mechanic couldn't find anything wrong with the brakes. When they drove it it was okay. Then after I left them, I was stopping at a light and it kept rolling so I had to go over the line and over a railroad track to stop it quickly. It happened again on the way home
I love to read novels and digest, It make me crazy I want to read novels and digest during driving.. How can i Do this??? Please help me out...
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