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Loud rattle coming from the right side of the engine only when I am in drive and stopped, like at a light. It goes away when I drive, but the car rides rough at times. Rattle appears only when I am stopped at a light but never when I have it running but in park or moving. Started 3 days ago. Had tuneup by toyota one month ago.
replaced the chain and still wont turn over , as far as I know the marks are lined up right and bought the haynes book but its up to a 2008 sales man said it would work , But my car has the VTH cams or something like that.
Looking for help online for step by step on replacing the timing chain to see if I have it right
I bought the car last weekend, so this is the first time I've filled it up with gas. The fuel filler door opened just fine, but now it won't close. I've tried applying a lot of pressure, holding it closed, and toying with the lever. I'm wondering if a part fell out when I opened the door? I would appreciate any help you could give!
I notice a vibrating hum like sound. maybe from the transmission. The sound gets faster as the car accelerates. Nothing while at a stop, the engine runs very smooth. it's been a great car...Any idea's
Car overheats almost too much to drive if I don't constantly fill it up with water and even then it gets hot really fast. Is it safe to drive with a blown or failing head gasket?
What does the yellow warning light symbol on the left hand
side of my dashboard mean?
It just came on today.
Light just came on today
Price estimate for repair? Details or other parts?
Gas tank was 1/2 full but the meter was showing it was empty. Went to gas station to fill it up and the gas meter still did not move. Any idea why or how much it will cost to fix it?
I have a new complete motor. I would like to get a estimate on the labor cost to have it swaped out.
Feels like the wheels are coming off
have heat from drv side bi-level,verry little from def or floor cold on pass side
when removing and replacing the water pump for this specific engine, is it absolutely necessary to remove the timing belt?
im trying to replace my water pump for the first time on my own. kinda scared because i know u have to remove the drivebelt or timing belt in order to remove the water pump. scared cause i know if i have to remove the timing belt i have to put it back exactly the same way it came off or i could cause some serious damage to the engine, just wanted to know the simplest way to perform the task at hand. please help
Since repacing both gas mileage from 33 mpg to 27. Brought it back to repair shop tjey said the could not find anything wrong
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