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I don't know if my corolla stick shift is cable or not because I want to
Get a new one my second gear and third gear grinda
I switched the ECU and the distributor and checked all the fuses and switched the relays. All the original stuff works on another car. Car has 100,000 miles on it. Was running and just shut off like with the key. What else is there to check or change?
they say it is the drive shaft that is wobbly, what kind of money and problems am I looking at to repair it. It is a 2000 Toyota corolla with 170,000 miles
engine died shortly after startup. I checked fuses and found one in the drivers compartment was blown. It was the one in #8 spot labeled EGU-IG. I replaced it with a new one but engine cranks but won't start. Does that sound like ignition coil or something else?
When I left the shop, I could feel the brake pedal rattle on my foot.
will not shift into park.
car was running one day next no fire to plugs
I hear its by the fuse box inside the car?
its been for awhile it start when it was cold then when it get hot wouldnt start till it cooled downthen it start no it jus cranks
i have a Toyota Corolla 1996 without ABS. i changed everything from the break lines,master cylinder,booster,p.vales and brake pads. But I'm still not getting any brakes. what should i do next ?
I own a toyota corolla 2010. A thief broke into the car and stole the door rollers, the sound system, the AC controllers and the vents. This means all the wires connecting the sound system to the dash were cut. The insurance company fixed the car but i realise there is a lot of heat coming through the AC vents even when the ac is not on. I will love to know if there is a way to fix this.
I have a 1995 toyota corolla LE with a fuel leak under the car somewhere around or above the gas tank I drive it then after it sits for awhile it starts to drip but then it will stop till i drive it again other than that the car seems to be running fine and in good condition, I could really us any advice anyone has to offer on what it could be I cannot afford to take to shop AGAIN so just hoping I would at least get some ideas on what it could possibly be and if there's anything I could do myself to try to fix it thank you much..
No drivability problems. 50,000 miles on the odometer
How much to repair this car? Car needs to be towed for repair (parked in driveway since winter started). Before winter it was drivable and rated blue book price and was going to be traded it into dealer for new car. Was driving it for years with check engine light so maybe false sensor. Then it started to snow and the car battery did not start (jump started once & then it got a dead battery since I could not run it every day or even once a week). How much to repair this car for trade in or future sale (had to do extension on emissions test)? I am looking to tow it to a shop for an affordable repair or should I give up and give it to charity since repair will be more than the worth of the car?
Wondering if other any other years corolla's doors wil fit the 2007 model.
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