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2003 toyota corolla 60k scheduled maint. I would like to know the list of parts and the brand names of parts and where to buy them and get the best price. I live in Carson City NV. Is there a website that is safe and reliable to buy from to get the best price&\r\n1)parts list
2)parts modle #
3)where to buy for best price
Cheers, joel

my alarm won't stop after my battery went low i jump started it and it stiil doesn't go off how can i get the alarm to go of do i need a new battery?

Stuck in snow - rocked the car - now can will not drive forward

40 amp fuse blows and the car won't start. The 100 amp and the 30amp are fine. What would cause this to happen and what does the 40 amp fuse go to?

My mechanic has replaced the oil pan gasket 5 times to stop an oil leak and it continues. He already replaced the rear crank seal and the remaining leak is always by the oil pan. What else could be the source of the leak because clearly its not the gasket being sealed properly.


I took my car to a place to get the oil changed and after I left I noticed both my brake lights.weren't working. So I took it back to see if they had accidently done something and they said it was.the fuse so I got it changed and bothered working then some one.told me.I.had one.light out and.when.I.checked it.both were working the left side of the.brake and tail light is out and. i tried changing the.light but it is still good but.not working I'm told its a dual filament. But I idea what's wrong!

The highbeam indicator light (blue) on the dash has quit working, how do I get to it?

the front left door(drivers door) froze shut and when I went to open the door the handle broke off in my hand. How do I replace it?

My car paint is turning in white spots,i want to paint it by my self but i need to know if i have to prepare de surface,in case of yes ?should i use rubber compound or sand paper? in case of sand paper ? what tipe

My '08 Corolla S (22,000 mi) makes thunking noises going over joints in the roadway. I was checking for loose nuts, and found that both front struts have a gap between the top nut and the strut piston. When I tried to tighten it with a socket, the whole piston turned, but the nut did not tighten.

New 2008 Corolla S has always had brake growl upon first few brake applications. Had rotors turned by dealer, and they say it is OK. It pops when applying brakes in a turn at slow speeds. The car now has 22,000 miles but no warranty.

when i try to start my car it makes a loud grinding noise like metal being grinded together. the car has all the original parts in the engine and i have been told that it could either be the starter or the fly-wheel. i will be attempting to do it myself so i was just wondering were a good place to start would be and if in fact it sounds like a starter/fly-wheel issue. please e-mail me at

When ignition is off and no one in car the pasenger side air bag warning light keeps flashing . how do i turn it off ?

The battery is new. It starts OK the rest of the day. I have now started to park on a down hill slope. When it happens, I put it in neutral, roll forward a few inches, stop, and then the starter engages like a champ.

My brother is trying to install the driveshaft but he is about to give up because he has everything done but cannot fit the drive shaft all the way in, he said it won't go in the last 2-3 inches. HELP!!!!! Is there anything he can try before he leaves, it is the correct part but won't seem to seat in the transmission. If he leaves I have no car or drive shaft, he leaves the car as is :-( HELP PLEASE!!!!!

I took the wheel off and the rod that goes up to the engine thru the tire and holds all the pieces of the tire on (a huge thick rod about 1 inch circumference completely is broken in two. I went to Advance Auto and they sold me a drive shaft for the front drivers side. My brother said he would try to install for me (I have no money). I guess my main question is there anything I need to tell him that is very important for him to know when installing, anything he could do wrong that could make the problem worse or anything he needs to make sure he does so the next time I drive my car with my 10 month old so we both don't die suddenly??!!?? Thanks for anyone who can give some (any) advice!!! Jenn

My dashboard illumination is out. I checked all the fuses: they look good. The radio illumination is OK. Additionally the illumination behind the "where-should- the-air-go" air conditioning knob is out.
We put close to 140 kMi into this little car. Should we fix it and how to do it?

i have a 2007 Toyota corolla the check engine light came on after i started the car and i could not rev over 2000rpms then car shut off waited 20 mins and now it seems fine just light still on.

Motor is very noisy

when the car is on the wipers wont shut off, do i go with the wiper switch or the motor?

i have a 2000 toyota corolla with a 3speed automatic transmission & i was told there are two places on the transmission that the fulid must be removed & replaced is this true if so whear

My Corolla has a miss in number 4 cyl. I have replaced the spark plugs, the injectors and coils for all 4 cylinders. I have fire at the #4 spark plug. I can remove the plug wires one at a time and only #4 does not change the way the engine runs. I believe it could be a fuel issue to the #4 injector but don"t know how to test this.

I found the fuse box that i need but do not have a panel to tell me which fuse is which and i need to change the cigarrette lighter fuse. i blew it pluggin in my phone charger. can someone help me please

First time for my daughter-it has happen to me once or twice

I found the fuse box but can't find the fuse I lost the cover that tells me where is the one for the radio please help me

when i'm just a regular stop,sudden stops, when i hit bumps.


I just bought a used Corolla. The rear spoiler has a bolt holding it in place on either end. They don't seem to be enough to keep it from wavering. It appears each end requires some type of rubber spacer or adhesive to add stability. Any ideas?

the noise sounds like a belt but it is very loud happens when i start the car and when i turn the wheel, i noticed while having someone turn the wheel i can see the power steering pump cause all belts to stop. something is wrong i think ?