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I took my Corolla to a Toyota dealership and was given a huge estimate for repairs, so I took it for a second opinion and they were able to do the work however the write up said to replace the barring's, but the shop replaced my front rotors and I still had the same problem that I had when I took it in which was a loud sound coming from the backseat of my car like a muffler was loose. when I asked why wasn't that fixed they said they fixed what was on the list and didn't check out anything only went according to the list. Now I need to have my back barring's replaced. They put rotors on instead of barring's and I need to understand what is the difference between the two before I take it back to the shop upset.
So, I have a 2007 Corolla [about 90,000 miles] that idles rough (rougher when I use the power windows or the AC) and was throwing a 0420 code. Here's what's happened up to this point:

1) First, for the first five years I owned it ran fine and I didn't have a single problem with it. Then it started accelerating sludgily, using gas faster than normal, idling roughly and the 0420 code came up.

2) I took it to my [trusted] mechanic [Mechanic 1]. They referred me to a shop that specializes in catalytic converters [Mechanic 2] and the like for the 0420 code and referred me the dealership for the idle problem. He said that the dealership has more experience with my specific car.

3) I have gone back and forth between the dealership and Mechanic 2 about ten times total. They cannot seem to figure the thing out.

4) In trying to address the rough idle and sludgy acceleration, the dealership replaced the air fuel sensor and a seal on the mass air flow sensor. They held on to my car for three days total. [I got sleazy vibes from these guys.]

5) Mechanic 2 replaced the catalytic convertor twice(something about a hole in the first replacement), both O2 sensors, the spark plugs, the PCV valve and ran some kind of cleaners through the fuel system. They seemed to be running all kinds of tests, doing research (I sat at the shop, for part of a day, and watched as a mechanic moved back and forth between my car, some devices and a computer, in an increasingly harried manner) and working with someone outside of the shop called the "tech team." They had it about a week total. [I've gotten good vibes from these guys.]

6) I've cleaned the mass air flow sensor with electronics cleaner, replaced the engine filter and also replaced the battery (it was close to dying).

7) I've dropped $1,800+ on these problems (which is a lot for me).

8) The sludgy acceleration has mostly gone away (it still seems to be there a little bit at slower speeds, but that might just be me being oversensitive), but the rough idle is still present. Also, both my Mechanic 1 and 2 said that, although troubled, my car is okay to drive. Mechanic 1 suggested that until the problem gets a little worse, it's a guessing game.

What do I do? Should I be driving my car? Could I burn through another catalytic converter? (This is my first car) is this just what cars at like as they get older? Am I overreacting? [I've begun to fixate.]
The same warning light that indicates my hand break is on, sometimes comes on while I am driving, but the hand break isn't on. Please assist me?
Pitures wherhe sensor is,
I washed the engine of my car and a day after, the passenger srs airbag indicator pops up. The battery indicator also pops up. What should I do?
Head lights off. Keyes out of ignition. (Switch on master brake cylinder?)continuous problem
i am a decent machanic i have never come across this problem before im hopeing someone has how can it grab low on the pedal then seconds later grab high on the pedal i know how to adjust it but it has nothing to do with it im baffled hope someone can help me.
fast what do i do to rectify the situation and what might have been the problem
value of this car. 177000 miles, no AC, No PS
i have not done any repairs. my car warning light is blinking after starting also how to reset it,
Brake lights stay on all the time, when I unhook switch cannot shift out of park, button disabled on shifter
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