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i lost my key and needs to replace it

The car runs and drives good, turned headlights on and took off they just turned off. Everything else is working, and the parking lights. what is the problem? What do i need to do?

Both brake/stop lights went out so I replaced the fuse for stop lights but my light still won't come on?

Please help.
Fred Gonzalez


How much does it cost for the struts, the plates and the labor? I just paid 1400 for that repair, is that cost about right?

car uses or burns a qt of oil in two weeks, no leaks

I'm having great difficulty in removing the front brake disc. The two holes for threading screws in for removal are now stripped out. I have tried using heat on the disc while striking with a sledge hammer. I have tried using a two-pronged puller to no avail also. Any good tips on getting it off?

I have the OEM PCV valve and have a hard time getting the
hose to inserted into the PCV valve and the other end that
going in the manifold, please advise.

The rear seat belt is stuck in the buckle. How do you get it out? Is this covered under a warrenty for a 2008 Corolla?

Brake and battery lights come on intermittently,drove 150 miles, parked. Drove 25 miles when stereo went out, heater blew cold, head and dash lights dimmed and car lost power. I pulled to side of road and car died,all lights went out. 1 hour later car starts and drives 25 miles home w/no problems.

engine light started blinking and car started to shake and hesitate

I had my engine came on. I did a engine scan. I have tested the egr,the vacuum switching valve, and the egr modulator. And Everything was good. I have made sure that I didn't have any sort of blockage. Then I checked the components agian just to be sure that everything was good before reinstaling agian. The vacuum switching valve was giving me a problem. So I replaced the valve. Cleared the code and disconnected the battery to clear all sensors. Then about 13 miles I had the engine light come back on. So i decided to change the vsv, the egr ,and the egr modulator. I clearded the code and disconnected the battery again. And took it for a test drive I saw that i was getting better gas mileage and that told me that it wasn't the map sensor, and i went exactly 52 miles and the engine light came back on. So I done another diagnostics scan and the popped up as P0401 insuffient flow to the egr. I am wondering if i had missed anything or if there is another component that I don't know about. I know the egr is a pretty basic system. But if anyone can help me that would be great. I needed to get this car inspected by the end of febuary and of course it's my wife's car. So that is a problem for me. So anyone with ideas would be a great help. Thanks


does corolla 2005 has a timing belt or chain?

I have a 2005 Toyota Corolla with approx. 70k miles. The noise sounds like someone is getting a pencil and running it down a washboard. It's inconsistent and happens usually when my car is at a stop. Usually it occurs after I've been driving my car for 10 minutes or so. It also "creaks" when I have the emergency brake up. I recently had my tires rotated, new rotors, and new brake pad installed. The sound comes of the font of the car, when looking under hood, it sounds like it's coming from where my pedals are. I've looked at a few other posts and someone mentioned a sway bar bushing the inside?

I have no clue...



how do i replace a front wheel bearing on a 2001 toyota corolla

Just want to know how to change plug tube seals and if any specialty tools are required

Does anyone know to what extent the brake booster and brake master cylinder have to be disonnected/loosened to allow for replacement of the clutch master cylinder? The edge of the booster sits over top of one ear of the clutch master cylinder. Can this operation be accomplished without diconnecting brake system fluid lines?

car will not sit still to pass aim test

Low beam headlights do not work. High beams work.

I just need to know how much a new cattell converter will cost.

looking for person i spoke to a couple of days ago regarding the corolla that would not move forward in drive, just back in reverse.

daily there is a whirring sound coming from the drivers side front wheel area. A mechanic says it is the wheel bearing.

My car failed smog for the 15mph max is 64 I had 66. I failed by 2 points. 1) Will it help to drive your car for about 1/2 hour before. 2) but before doing that, does it help to put in fuel injection fluid when 1/4 tank of gas run car hard then take it in for smog, then put in the gas?
3) I did not do my spark plugs for 3 years. Will it help to get those changed before my retake on my smog. 4) Does it help to drive the car in the rain? Thank you

How much it will cost to fix it.

engine idling high

I am unable to pull the gear shift out the Park position. I found the opening on the shift panel with the release button in it. I am currently using that. What is the the initial fix for this problem?

About three months ago I had to replace the battery in my car, I went ahead and replaced the alternator too... When I replaced the battery, I saw that the positive battery cables were covered in corrosion. I cleaned it off and made a note to replace the wire connectors soon. All was well for about a month when I saw the battery light come on in the dash. I assumed it was the cable connectors blocking some of the charge and before I could make it to the parts store, the car died while I was driving it. The lights went first, then the wipers (horrible rain that night), and finally the car. So I got the cable connectors, jumped off the car, but still didn't make it 3 miles down the road before it died mid-drive again...

The next day I got the battery checked and re-charged, all was still working well. Then I put it in the car and though the car started and drove, the battery light kept flickering. I just barely made it the 40 miles home before it died again in the driveway. That told me the battery was all the car was running off of. New cable connectors didn't do anything, new battery didn't do anything, so now I'm left to wonder if I got a faulty alternator or if my battery wiring harness needs to be replaced... and thats an $800 part!

Can anyone give me any suggestions on anything else I can try before I fork out all that money?

I have to change the front bumper, how much will cost?

rear end so low it makes contact with maffler