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The radio does not work anymore
How long have you had this problem? One week
My driver side window is the only one that will go up and down

How long have you had this problem? Today
There's 200,000 miles on car, and I've fixed everything I can think of, but the check engine light will not go out. Help, please
Engine won't startup in Park or Neutral, stick shift moves freely in all gears position
The calipers have been changed and brake oil flows normal.
Cooling fans not turning on ... How to connect direct for them to turn on when i turn car on and they stay on ?
Front fenders ,front bumper ,headlights ,hood ......
My daughter was driving car and person in another car pulled out to make left turn when she shouldnt have and daughter saud she hit breaks hard to get car to stop. Car wouldnt stop. Made revving noise like it was still trying to go faster even though she had break pedal pushed all the way. I know on some older models there was recall for this.
gari ghuti ghuti chalti hy 90km/h se uper ni jati
When i stop i see rpms going to fourth line
My injection won't come on
Replaced Ac/Heater control panel and still nothing works.
Replaced my Ac clutch relay fuse and atill nothing works.
I need help in figuring out what might the problem be thanks!
rpm go to 4-5 on hills, does not accelerate and then lurches forward
timing belt ok. replaced dist cap and rotor
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