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It sounds like water shifting when I make a turn. All this happens when the AC is running. Please help.

Is it better to spend now to identify this problem with dye and repair it before anything bigger occurs or nothing to worry about? A/C currently works fine but this was shown to me as something I might want to check out. I wish I could be more specific but this is all I know at this time.

I was involved in a serious accident. I was coming off highway to a service road, everything was going go, until I went to brake and instead of the car slowing down it accelerated
, had to crash in to fire hydrant in order not to crash in vehicles in front of me. We had the black box recovered and it showed I never braked, yet the passenger in var witnessed me braking. I kept on saying it won't slow down. Can the black box read wrong. This was a rental car.

It appears that I have a slow leak and nothing is visable under my car. I had all new break lines put in because the ones I had were rusted and had a leak.
I May 2016 I had a right front caliper and break pads put on and the rear breaks were cleaned and "tuned".
Yet I have my break light on because it's slightly low on break fluid.

I was told my timing chain housing has an oil leak. I would also like to know the replacement cost for the timing chain.

Came on 35 miles ago

The pressure gauge and outside temperature to recharge aren't cooperating and i don't want to overcharge the system so i want to lower the level cause it seems like compressor is engaging but inside is still warm

problem just started suddenly. replaced rear tires but did not get balance or rotation approximately one month prior.
also replaced gas tank three months prior. rear struts are bad and about one week ago started to idle rough. also a chirping sound when idling

will crank 10 minute

Won't start trs to but wont

everything else works fine. brake light work, runs smooth transition smooth

Why does it seem like I need power steering fluid

Issue improves after car is warm but rapid increase in rpms due to accelerator press causes initial stumble. Otherwise runs smooth at idle and higher RPMS. Work done already:

- replaced distributor cap, rotor, plugs, and wires.

- cleaned carbeurator and air cleaned hoses and jets

- replaced fuel filter

It has happened 4 times in the last 2 months. On a 1994 Toyota Corolla. Car dies while driving then has problems turning over until it rests for a few minutes, then only runs a fe seconds.

Is it something serious or a tune up? It's been happening for a week. How hard is it to remove the trans and take it to a shop? I'm trying to keep the cost down.

im from malaysia and recently bought a seconhand toyota vios. The problem is i hear a whissing sound from the front passenger side of the car. the sound is loudest at between 60 to 70 km either while im accelerating or decelerating. what could be the problem cos i have change my wheel bearings after consulting a mechanic but the sound is still there. i need help. thank you

Engine knock when in idle quiets down when I give it gas.

A mechanic told me I should change my timing chain. I thought I don't need to do this because it's a chain. Please advise

Call when he hit 34000 miles on it acts like it's not getting any fuel turning over battery good starter good wants to start but no start no codes

2011 Toyota Corolla LE, 70k miles. The struts are new. The repair shop told me the pare is a generic part with NO brand name. Charged me $480 to install (2) front struts and alignment. Is that reasonable?

i know its egr valve which i replaced. would it be the vacumn cylinoid

Engine cranks but wont start after installing a starter

transmission went into limp mode. after a few miles went back to normal operation. did this several times. jhad mechanic check with computer & replaced all sensors that were reading bad.changed trans filter & fluid. fluid was black.on test drive operated normal then back to limp won't change gears but goes into reverse & drive as it should. like the car but don't want to spend more than it is worth. already spent over 500$ on parts. really want to fix it but i have had some bad experiences with tranny rebuilds on other cars i have had done in this area. even some of the so called best as advertised with warranty. need help!!

Subassy bent in the rear

Just bought a battery 4 months ago for corolla. Now I am selling. Want to swap battery from the jeep, which needs to be replaced soon, to the corolla, and use the newer corolla battery in my jeep. Just wondering if this is possible?

The don't started

will you bend the valves on a 1997 Toyota corolla 2.2 engine if the timing belt goes, it has 99,000 miles with no timimg belt replacement

My driver's seatbelt won't buckle and I've been having to use the passenger buckle. I've tried sticking a butter knife into the buckle to pull out any debris, but no luck.

I've purchased a buckle from ebay, but I have no idea where to start on replacing it. Do I have to take the seat out? Is there a way to do this with minimal work (I am car-stupid)?

I replace alternator but forgotting disconnected the battery accidently one cable touched the body of the alternator, a big spark came, now I only can start the engine and that was it nothing else worked I did check all the fuses every looked ok.
Help Please

I want to use a after market ignition coil, will it work