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And now won't start

Leak:Engine-Side-Hose TO-> Heater Core (1991 Celica)
I've got a water leak on a 91 Gen 5 Toyota Celica,
that's 1 of the 2 lines going to the heater core,
inside the engine-side of the firewall.

I'm looking for someone's "easy" experience/tips
to replace the hose:

Thanks kindly!
Quick video:

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I have a Mon-Fri Celica I drive. For the last two Mondays, I've tried to start the car only to get a single click, followed by no turn over of the engine. The cabin lights still get full power and if the door is open you get that warning *bing*. As soon as you get the jumper cables attached you can turn the ignition and get a solid start like she has a brand new starting system. Once she's started I drive 20 miles at around 75 mph to get to work and she starts just fine all week. Could be so many things! Ignition switch, starter, solenoid, don't know where to begin!!

Car is jumping in second gear

how to remove clamp holding a/c suction hose which is near firewall.

I just need to know the standard procedure when replacing the rear main seal of this car.

loosing water from radiator & can't find any leaks, no oil in it or smoke out the exhaust, no water or milky in oil

the bolt on the tank near the rear tire is leaking around a hose that is there also. what is the possible solution

gas leaking around a hose that is there also. what is the possible solution

the bolt on the tank near the rear tire is leaking around a hose that is there also. what is the possible soloution

I installed a new caliper on the driver side and tried to bleed it but no fluid only air so I disconnected the line from the caliper and still nothing any suggestions?

The drop top opens, but it drops down fast on the driver side and when I close it I have to pull the driver side up manually to close it. I Where can I take it hear the motor running, but it's not doing the job. Where can I get it repaired?

Bought my 2000 celica A yr ago. was wrecked before got it. Salavage title..right side had bounce in it. Drove car 20,000 miles with bounce. Axle broke. Replaced axle new tires on front, wheel bearing replaced right front, motor mount replaced, tried to get aigliment but no adjustable control arm. Axle broke again replaced broke again. Now what?

belt looks old and worn, some much to replace ?

My AC fan started making a huge racket today! The lower two settings aren't really noisy, but they aren't very effective either. The two highest settings sound like the engine is about to fall out of the car! But it is actually coming from inside the passenger compartment it sounds like, passenger side near the glovebox. I am getting cool air so I'm pretty sure it's not a compressor issue. I googled "heater blower fan makes noise 1997 Toyota Celica" and found this website with answers to the same issue on a 1997 Toyota 4Runner that sounded exactly like what I'm experiencing. I read that rodents sometimes get in the blower fans and they have to be cleaned out. My Celica has sat in place for about 3 or 4 months after the alternator went out. I just got a new alternator out on and it was running great.. Now this sound..and I need COOL AIR!! My wife suggested something might have nested in the blower. I just need to know how to open it and get it cleaned out. Hoping that's what it is.

Thanks for any and all help!!

Celica Gt , has all new coils, good low idle, hesitation with high speed acceleration /engaged in drive. revs fine in park.

I am trying to start a 1985 celica gts. I replaced the fuel pump. It starts for 5 seconds, then dies. Gas spurts out when I unhook the fuel line at the cold start injector . I took out the injector and cranked the engine, no gas came out. I cleaned the injector. I read the voltage at the CSI and it went up for an instant, then did not go up any more as long as I cranked to engine. Should I have a steady voltage on the cold start injector when cranking? Does the CSI have to work for the engine to start?

Put new fuel pump,nee fuel filter, n new distributor