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What kind of damage would happen to my car if I keep driving it with those bushings damaged
a 2000 Toyota Celica gt that needs some work done to it. Motor cranks but will not stay running, was told that it's a blown head gasket also transmission won't go into overdrive. I am looking to buy this I know my way around an engine.
For instance, using cars mileage, and what's already been done on it, how do we guess at what big services might be coming up or how much longer it will run?
Ya reemplase distribuidor y tapa y no arranca la bobina da chispa cada vuelta completa delrotor
I took my car to that mechanic three times after he "worked" on it (he did rear main seal, timing belt, water pump, plugs, wires, distributor cap, valve cover gasket). And every time I went back, there was a new problem. Like the power steering fluid leak he says that I have, that I've never had to put fluid in for. And it's supposedly leaking from the distributor now (he replaced some kind of O ring there or so he says plus he replaced the new valve cover gasket also ...). Oh, and it's still trying to stall out on me at red lights after it gets good and warm. Really bad idling issue. He told me it was the throttle idle body - cleaned it up he said, but no. That didn't fix it. At all. Right now, I barely trust her to get me to the store a mile from my house. From what I read in my book, it could be 12 different things. EGR valve or PCV valve, vacuum leaks, air filter clogged (I know it isn't this), leaking head gasket, timing belt worn (just replaced that so no), camshaft lobes worn, valves need adjusting or they're burned/leaking, ignition timing out, dirty or clogged injectors, idle speed out of adjustment, ignition timing out of adjustment .... and I don't know where to start.
The engine good start but after few minutes the engine shut off. ..The spark plugs look black, when accelerate don't have power the engine.
I changed the engine because was burned to much oil it has more the 2 hundred thousand miles, after that have problems with rough idle unstable after few minutes the engine shut off. ..
My car was running good, but was burned to much oil it is has more the two hundred thousand miles. ...I change the engine after that I got problems unstable idle after few minutes the engine shut off I put scanner don't have engine code.
What would be the cause for a car to crank but wont start
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