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I am replacing the valve cover gasket and have only gotten on spark plug out of it. There is oil on the wire caps, and can't seem to get any of them to come out. I am using a 5/8 socket, which is it calls for. Just need a suggestion.

Engine light came on, took it in and the Fuel solenoid is faulty. Is this located in the fuel pump in the gas tank? If not, where is it?

fuil safety switch

my son has a 2000 toyota celica he told me that when hes driving it theres white smoke coming from the dash. do you have any ideas about what this might be before i take it to have it looked at?

valve tap when engine is warm

Have the Toyota Repair Manual. Replaced water pump and timing belt. Reinstalling all the stuff removed and at the step where it says "Install the Water Pump Pulley," they say to "carefully jack up your engine" (already removed the right motor mount and rear insulator) and put the pulley back on. But the engine would have to move three to four inches to get the pulley on. Will something break? Are they serious? (I am jacking from below using a block of wood under the oil pan.)

on idle when gased it pings sounds like its coming from intake manifold...

Can valve guides be replaced on a 2000 Toyota Celica, 1.8 liter 4 cylinder? If yes, how difficult is the task?

I had my mechanic replace my timing belt in which he put the new one on wrong (dash sensor indicated so). It ran but was underpowered at higher speeds. He reset the belt at what he thought was correct and it is much better (no check engine codes triggered) yet it still runs sluggishly at high speeds (need to kick it into passing gear at moderate inclines). Mileage dropped from 29 down to 25 MPG. Bob, my mechanic tried to advance the timing (loosening distibutor cap)but there doesn't seem to be a way to manually do this (computer adjusted). He is prepared to pull it all apart again yet with work involved wanted professional opinion/ advise first. Tune-up was done yet didn't make a difference.

i have a 1995 toyota celica that needs a new radiator but im not sure which model the engine is does anybody know if there is anywhere under the hood that i can find this out?

Hi the problem i have with the car is it starts ok and runs ok.After turning the engine off when the car is worm does not start back i have to wait for a wile then it starts up
I am a pizza delivery boy and i keep the car running because i am scared to turne it offbecause will not start
whright a way. Any answers.
Thank You
My email is

Heater not working- I had heater blower checked it works and I bought a new heater resistor and still no power to run heater fuse is fine also please help - was wondering if the control board is bad where switches are to turn on high or low off- or on?

I had blower motor tested it fine- then bought a new heat resistor and still no power getting to blower motor? will not turn on at all no heat no a/c No Juice please help.

it smokes every time i give it gas takes one quart of oil every day how hard is it to replace the rings?

The gas station attendant broke the fuel door from the body of my car. It looks like the hindges on the door broke clean off. How much would the cost of the part and labor normally cost?

I drive my car for awhile then it will suddenly just die, after a little while, maybe 30 minutes it will restart.

when car is started it makes a loud knocking sound, one guy said rod bearings need to be replaced.

put and auto gearbox engines runs fine but no action on any gear

battry replaced at walmart, with in 5 miles, motor runs rough, oil light blinks on and transmission shifts only at high rpms. stopped and checked oil, called walmart and guy said it needed oil change. went home, 20 miles. oil light on and check engine light on. next day, start it up and no warning lights on, drive 20 miles, no lights on. stop and shop 1 hour, car runnin ok, within 5 miles, warning lightss on and same problems. 1 week later, same thing, 20 miles, ok shop, start fir home and lights come on and now motor is knocking, bad. what happined?

New battery starter and alternater but my car will nit crank unless I get a jump start it does this very often but at times it starts with no problem PLEASE HELP!!! 1990 Toyota Celica

Ongoing problem. When i drive straight...hands are north and south....if i let go=pulls hard to right

i replaced pcv, gomit, hose to intake, all valve cover gromits, plugs, wires, cap, rotor wires.... i am totally lost! it does not smoke at start up in the morning... only at speeds of 65-70+mph under load! i added a cort of Lucas and it stopped when i first purchased it a week ago...then did an oil change and added another cort of Lucas and now it wont quit smoking and i can hear valves clanging uphill 65-70mph!

will a 1994 gtx fit in a 1992 gt

i have a poblem with my toyota celica gts my car is geting hot and i already replace a bunch of parts. they told me that ita can be the fan resistor censor i already check everything else can that be the problem.i change the radiator coolant censor check the water pump change the thermostat change the main water hoses. please help me i need a accurate answer to my problem. thanks

i replaced the clutch master and slave cylinder and bleed system. no air just clear fluid coming out. still can't trans into gear.

I plugged in an air compressor into my cigarette lighter socket and it stopped working after one minute. Now it seems that the entire socket is not working. The light does not go on when I plug in my GPS or my cell phone charger. What caused this to happen? Is it a fuse?

My car tries to start but doesn't. The battery, starter and alternator are fine. When I turn the key, the brake light comes on and the clock goes out. Can anybody help?

I'm in need of a new cat converter how much would this run on average? Anyone else have the same problem? I NEED ANY FEEDBACK

i toke my car to the shop and they told me that i need my rac and pinion replaced it is leeking fluid and how much will it coast

where is the heating control valve located on the 2001 toyota is it vaccuum or mechanically???