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The problem seems to occur after the car has been driven for a while ( heat related problem? ). The car will start in the morning, I go shopping. Park. Go shopping come out 30 mins later and the car won't start. But if I jump the car it will start. I have changed the Starter, Battery, cables going to the Battery ( Positive and Negative ). Don't know what else to do.
I have changed the distributor an re checked the new timing belt. "HELP"
so the heating system in my car works very well, but the only problem is, is that the cold one doesn't i was wondering what could it be that doesnt work? and how much is it going to cost to fix it?
I had to replace the fuel filter and main fuel line, after that I noticed car started running worse when I stopped for fuel and removed the gas cap, there was no hissing sound as if there was no pressure in the line.
I was forced to cut the main fuel line to remove the fuel filter and now need to replace it.
any suggestions of simple items to check?
I already removed both CV axle not realizing that the pinion with slide downnow I have a piece of broken aw axel in my transmission how do I remove 2000 Celica GTS
didn't realize that I couldn't pull both cv axles at the same time and pinion slid down and now I can't bang out the broken stub from the axle what do I do
I can see the rubber is torn, deteriorated. Do you have to replace the whole strut? Would it be worth it to find good struts at the wrecking yard? Or are new ones the only way to go?
I have a 95 Celica GT 2.2 with 335,000 miles...I have never changed the fuel filter and am experiencing sluggish take off and not so great mpg.
I've checked the bulbs, they are both good but when i put my car in the reverse gear, the lights wont come on?
Is the rattle I hear in the rear a result of bad shocks?
Just bought the car a couple of months ago. Was sitting for a full year and It seems like a good idea.
Just replaced the old battery. It kept dying. New battery. Car starts and runs fine but the running lights stay on when I shut off the car.
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