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The problem almost seems like it is not getting fuel but i also heard there is a relay or something that could be causing problem

need to be able to diconnect it in order to replace it

I'm hoping for an opinion before I take my car in to a repair shop tomorrow for an estimate tomorrow. Short back story, I've had my car for 9 years and it's got a transmission that slips all over the place, but has been that way for three years. Since that would be so expensive and there are other things wrong with it I'm not paying to fix it, I've just been driving it and doing minimal maintenence for as long as I can while I save up money for a new/used car. (and amazingly it hasn't gotten worse, I just avoid freeway driving when possible) I was driving home today, and after just a few minutes I smelled a horrible buring smell (unfortunately I don't know the difference between a fluid burning smell and an electrical smell) and the airbag light was on. Odd, i thought. So I pulled over, I opened the hood thinking the smell was in there, nothing. Got back in the car and realized there was a tiny amount of white smoke coming from the center console, where the e-brake is. This scared me a little so I sat still for a bit... but decided I'd have to drive it home at least. The smell continued the whole time I was driving, the airbag light stayed on. I'm worried it's electrical and isn't safe to drive to the repair shop. How would I know the difference? Any chance it could just be a leaky oil valve cover or something? I figure it I can get a repair under $500 and keep driving it for awhile while I continue to save money I will. Any opinions would be helpful! I unfortunately don't know much about cars either so I always have that stereotypical worry that I'll get ripped off because I'm a single woman at a repair shop...
Starla Cochran

car runs great until warms up then no spark for hours then runs great again and so on

Note: The care is an 1985 model, but the options above only allow selection of model years back to 1990.
Since battery contains gel instead of electrolytes, a regular charger won't work. Is there a special type of charger for this? If so, what is it and it's estimated cost? Thanks!!

also have check engine lighst on in change termostate and temperature sensor but stikk appears on thanks

I have recently noticed when its cold outside, like snowing and my automatic transmission is delayed to shift into gear I have 1988 Celica ( i picked 1990 due to no option of my year ) st 3S-FE with 180,000miles and I also am having excessive vibration ( need mounts ) which has become worse & was told axel is bad on right side ( 1/2 cv shft ) .NOW would this have anything to do with the transmission having a delayed shift response??

Now to add to the issue with vibration.. I know I need mounts.. and when I am a stop light i put it in Neutral and it seems to calm the vibration.

Wheres a reasonable place to purchase remanufactured AXEL for 1988 CELICA ST 3S-FE
Im in Las Vegas, NV

also am wanting to get Blue Book on it and want to sell it

160,000 miles on car and 50,000 on transmission, Celica GT, with 5 speed manual.

i need to know if i should replace anything else while i am in there

tensioner bolt worked lose and belt came off

where is low port inlet for a/c located on a 1994 celica

Trying to find the fuse location for the power windows. I have one window that works and 3 that do not. Any suggestions

do i need to remove the pully from the pump frist?

When I push my cluch it feels like there is not pressure and it wont let me shift into gear does anyone have any ideas? thanks

cambie el cloch de la tranmision pero al meter los cambios y sacar el pedal suena los cambios y no avansa dice el mecanico que no sirve la transmision y yo le digo que estava bien que no mas era cambiar el cloch por favor diganme que puede ser o si es sierto lo que dice el mecanico

Can you replace an exhaust valve on a 2003 toyota celica gt yourself? If not, guestimate on a repair shop doing it? This is my last hope to figuring out what's wrong with my car. :(

Burning oil, sudden loss of power, misfiring.

Replaced spark plugs, replaced the mass air sensor, checked fuel injectors, checked coils.


Engine light came on, then I had a sudden loss of power.
My car was burning oil for a bit before this happened.
I hooked it up to the machine at auto zone, and my husband either checked, switched, or replaced everything that the machine said was wrong..including the mass air something or other...but nothing has changed. This happened at 93, I'm at 98,300, and still can't figure out what is wrong. My husband is guessing that it could be valves? If that's the it a diy job?

How many fuel injectors does a 2000 Toyota celica GTS have and how many need to be replaced?

My daughter's car recently quit working. We've replaced the fuel pump, relay, distributor cap, plugs and wires and she still won't fire up. We've sprayed ether into the intake and it fires for a couple seconds then dies. We've checked the injectors, all good there, got spark, but we're still at a loss. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

My 1993 toyota celica is only idling at 200 rpm and when you ranit at mosy it reads about 300 rpm.

Does my car have the Federal approved oxygen sensors or California sensors. Can I use the Federal approved oxygen sensors on my car I live in California

a/c compressor has gone bad for the 2nd time in 20 months persons preforming the work are telling me that i have to remove the dashboard to replace the evaporator and the expansion valve

Peter, continuing from our conversation, today you were going to check to see if my year had the 2 phillip's screws that would allow to check the air flow meter. Please verify and let me know. Thanks

Hi Patrick,
To continue from where we left our conversation today, you were going to check if my year had the airflow meter (2 phillip's screw) which might need cleaning. Appreciate you checking.

top radiator hose never has pressure

top radiator hose never has pressure

top radiator hose never has pressure

check engine light came on yesterday. Car seems to be running warmer than usual. Don't see any circulation going on inside the radiator

when i start my car the a/c doesn't work - at times i can feel a bit of cool air coming from the vents -after about 20 minutes it kicks on and blows ice cold air. Before I take it to the shop I'm trying to find out what it might be so I appear like i know what the mechanic is talking about

high pitch squealing, as soon as the engine starts up the noice comes up but then stops after a few seconds and then again when i turn my air conditioner on and accelerate