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Lights on the dash and tail lights went out. Everything else works.

I hit a curb aproximately 2 months ago, 2 days after my tire went off on me, got a new one, and left the spare on the other side (almost new), the car wobbles a lot after 35MPH but it goes down after 50MPH, I have re-balance both front tires and have taken it to mechanics for inspection last one had me re-align the tires but the wobbling please

I was told that I have a crack in the Flexipipe w/Catallaic Converter. How much does this normally run and can the crack be repaired without taking off the catalliac converter?

I just got a new battery for my 2002 Toyota Camry about a month ago. Since then it hasn't started a couple of times. Once it was jumped, and then started. The 2nd time the jumpstart didn't help, but about an hour later it started. Is it a loose connection or something else?

How do I replace the exterior door handle? Car has electric windows.

Several issues- The blower fan only worked on high setting and then made a lot of noise. I removed the cabin air filter and it was messed up. Also the filter holder was broken and there was some insulation or something in the fan. I've found out the blower fan resistor is probably faulty and needs replacement. Any idea what the other stuff in the fan is from? Is there supposed to be some insulation above the filter, or behind it? Thanks for the help.

My 94 Toyota Camry did not start, it just made a click sound, therefore could it be the battery or maybe the starter needs replacing?

Is 50,000+ miles the best time to replace tires? My fronts are 4/32 and rears 5/32.

How do i identify the egr in my car?

just started

The parking lights and the instrument panel lights dont work please help

We've been told we need the following: Transmission Flush, 3 Part Fuel Service, Brake Flush, Replace Water Pump, Replace Timing Belt and a new Left CV Complete Assembly. All of this will cost about $1,500 total per the estimate. What do we need to do right away and what can wait a few months until we come up with the cash?

Remote control alarm does not work.Batteries are good,the key turns the alarm on and off.How do you program the remote?

I recently had my 200 toyota camry starter replaced and when i go anywhere that requires more than 20 minutes of running time the car won't restart until it cools for about an hour. I checked all the wire insulation and connections can't seem to find what"s missing. What am I missing?

I recently had my 200 toyota camry starter replaced and when i go anywhere that requires more than 20 minutes of running time the car won't restart until it cools for about an hour. I checked all the wire insulation and connections can't seem to find what"s missing. What am I missing?

car has new starter but after 20 minutes of running if you shut it off it won't restart for about an hour after it cools down. What is missing here?

I drive to work and the car seems to operate fine. It dosen't seems to have this brake issue in the cool of the morning. But after work, the car has been sitting in the sun, and driving just 5 miles it begins to apply the front brakes by itself. I have to stop, pull over on the side of the road and wait a bit (10-30 minutes) before trying to continue my drive. I often can drive the 5 extra miles to home. As I am pulling into the drive and parking my front brakes are smoking. I have replaced the master cylinder, front brake calibers, brake shoes, brake hoses, and the rear passenger side wheel cylinder and rear brakes. I don't understand why it continues to do this. HELP!! This car has 232,000 miles on it. I love it. It gets 28 miles per gallon. It is the best thing since sliced bread. HELP Please! Please! Please!

The interior dome light and the dash board light (that enables you to see the speedometer, etc)are out. I finally located the two fuse boxes under the vehicle's hood but I just cannot find the particular fuses for the blown out lights. In fact it's ridiculously impossible for a layman to figure out most of the fuse info from the fuse box covers. Please help!

One pin has continuous diameter to end and other has indented tip with rubber washer on it. Which one goes where and why?

How do I access this to replace bulb. Might be led type not sure

When the car is on and the front defroster is off, a mist comes out coating part of the windsheid just like if the window was fogging up. When the defroster is on the problem is worst because the mist covers more of the windsheid. It seems like there is some type of residue. This happens in all types of weather & started about 2 weeks ago

You can start the car and it will go fine maybe a few feet maybe a half of a mile then the RPM's shoot and the car will not go into any gear..u can turn the car off and back on again and then it goes on again..but same thing happens...what do i need to do?

HELP POOR MOM cant afford a new car!!

My RH CV joint need to be replace can not remove it can you help it is stuck in the diff

valve cover smokes

I took my car in for a routine oil change and the mechanic informed me that my water pump is leaking and needs to be replaced.Could that be possible even- though I never noticed a leak,any kind of stain under the car,nor did the engine ever overheat.?

As soon as I put the key into the ignition radiator fan and ac fan automatically turning on and remain on until I turn off the car. This is causing the car to burn more fuel. How can I repair this

From a cold start in the morning the engine feels like it has no power. It has about 250k, an automatic trans. and lately it's been very noticeable when the gear changes. Any ideas for what I should check?

How do I get into venting system behind dashboard. Mouse got up in there and died. He had his nest in the cabin filter. Now he is dead and the car stinks

I need to know those.

Having an issue with my 2000 camry. Car started dying after a short period of driving. Engine, eletrical, everything just dies. May or may not be important but part of the key is broke off in the ignition. I can use the rest of the key to turn the car off and on. The car will stay running if left sitting idle but if I try to drive it, it will die, usually within less than a half mile.