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Driver Airbag sign and light is always showing, the light is reading AIRBAG OFF and also my passenger seat belt sign is constantly on even when I am not carrying a passenger and even when I carry a passenger and the passenger wears the seat belt. what could the problem be?
When I am driving the car the nosie comes from the back like an airplane taxing the runway. I just changed all 4 tires and did balancing and I can still hear the noise, also I feel a little vibration at the back of the car when driving even at low speed.
My camry has this weird problem. The brake lights (both of them) work when I unlock
the car through remote. They work when the key is in ignition and brake paddle is
pressed. They work then the engine is running in park. As soon as I change gears the
passenger side goes out and I get the indicator on dashboard. I have checked the the
light actually goes out so its not the sensor for sure.

Initially when the indicator came on I drove around and it actually went away. It
happend couple of time and once or twice the indicator did not come on as all. but now
its consistent in behavior.
anytime my car goes over an uneven surface and the body tweeks, it makes a clunck. I aws told by the dealer that the noise is coming from the sunroof.

Is there a factory service bulletine on this problem?
I went to change my ignition switch in my 98 Toyota Camry, and the metal peice that goes in the switch to turn it broke. I already charged the ignition lock column. How would I go about fixing that?
There's a smell of gas after i turn the car off
Had battery checked. Cleaned terminals. Was okay. I pulled starter. Had checked. Was okay. All the the dash lights come on. Put back together. It started. Ran great all day. Then sat over night. Would not crank. Could it be the park switch? Malfunctioning?
I had 1999 Camry engine replaced recently. The idle needle pin fluctuate as the engine become hot. The codes are P0401 and P0402. I had it replaced EGR modulator, EGR valve and EGR solenoid. Did not fix. I clean throttle body with carbon cleaner and spray the hole to IAC inlet. Nothing changed.

What could be the reason and the solution to it.

In a youtube video bad DPFE sensor (EGR position sensor) causes P0401 to come up. However, someone in the forum says there is no EGR position sensor with this model. I need helps...
this follows installation of RF ball joint (followed later by LF).
The green AC indicator light sometimes starts to flash after operating for a few min. The air goes from chilled to ambient temp. Engine temp is normal: newer radiator, recent flush-n-fill w new thermostat.
It has been hotter than normal in SD lately, about the same time we noticed this issue. The heat exchangers are clean.
expected cost of repair
Had blown head gasket so replaced that and had head machined, put all back together not no start, so checked for firing #1&3 firing but #2&4 is not changed the individual coil packs to #2&4 still no fire to those two its getting voltage to the coil packs but why is it not firing changed plugs too still no start
It only comes when I stop the car and it is in D.If I put it in N or let go of brake pedal the noise stop immediately. A shop told me it may be of loose screw in air filter assembly.they fastened the rear screw and it got better. Later another shop replaced air filter and the noise was gone for a week or two.But it has returned and it seems that it is getting worse.
also lights go dim and engine wants to cut off, and battery goes dead after switching off, but when jump started everything goes fine as normal, this happened few times
changed the egr valve but it came back on after a few days. any advice?
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