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the sun roof on my toyota camry won't open. It makes a noise like it is going to open but wont'

how often should my car be tuned up

what is the life of a timing chain

I have toyota camry 09...37000 miles and a warning light has just showed up. It looks like a horseshoe with an exclamation point inside. Any clues to what this means?

I have a random issue that effects the door locks, windows and heat control panel lighting.
Occassionally, when the window is rolled down it will not roll back up.(big problem in Minnesota winter!). Also the doors will not lock from the drivers side control panel. I need to individually lock each door.
And the control panel light for the heater is out.
Any repair suggestions?

What can cause a check engine light to blink when picking up speed but it stays on when driving regular

The door ajar light on the dash stays on when all the doors are closed.

hey i gt a new battery and new alternator and the car died agine whiled driving what is wrong with that ty

The remotes will lock and unlock all doors but the drivers door. Key will unlock the door. Batteries were changed.

ok i have 1998 camry - has rattle - when hit bump - on front end - changed complete struts - as mechanic said it was the strut bearing - good for about 200 miles - brakes look fine - tie rod ends look good - and sway bar pins look good what else can i look for - noise only occurs when hitting a bump

This problem just started. The front seat will not move forward more than a quarter of an inch. There is nothing blocking it. I have removed the front screws in order to remove the seat for inspection. I cannot find the back screws to remove them. Any suggestions?

Only when the car gets warm that it will not idle at stop sign. This does not generate an error code.

my battery died on a 1996 toyota camry brand new battery what could be wron

This is the second episode wher i turn the car on to start and it seems to not kick on as quickly as it use to. Now having to push accilerator to start.

Whwn I brake hard, I hear a clunking or knocking noise coming from the left side front end. Could this be a bushing ? if so which one?

@ 98K Should wheel bearings be checked and greased. No problems, just wondering.

My 1997 runs at high rpms from a cold start and is making a loud noise around the timing belt/water pump area. It is also losing antifreez. After it's warmed up the noise goes away and it runs fine. The water pump was replaced a year ago do you think it could have gone bad again?

I have replaced the front axels, rotors, brakes, tires and had it aligned. Still have vibration usually occuring above 50 mph. I have tried rotating the tires. nothing seems to help. Could it possibly be a bad wheel or struts? Car has 230,000.

does anyone know the name of the long bar that goes from the hood lock mechanism down towards floor, its a bar that runs the length of the radiator. holds the locking mechanism for hood thanks

is the rear inside door handle that you pull to shut door same dimensions as similar years

is the handle you pull to close door from inside the same year specifics as other years, i need to replace it but because to expensive ive been searching junk yards i found some cars similar years would that work

I left work and my car started right up. I stopped at the store 3min later and it wouldn't start back up. I tried to jump it but it still wouldn't start. Its not the battery or the starter (both tested) and I just changed out the ignition switch. When I try to crank, I hear a click but nothing more. Is it a wire problem or a fuse problem? I've tried to find answers before I take it to a shop. Money is kinda tight so any clues would help.
Jennifer w

After it rains there is water built up on the floor of the passenger side footwell. I suspect it is coming from a plugged windshield drain which is backing up the water to an opening in the firewall. Anyone have experience with fixing this problem?

I recently have done 60K server for '2000 Toyota Camry V6 engine' car. I actually have done this service at 70K. And the mechanic have mentioned, the car needs service on Front Struts. This is what he has mentioned on the report and estimate:
Front struts making noise and front strut mount brushings torn.
Replace front struts, mounts and align afterward.
Struts and bearings $1570.00
Alignment $85.00
Sway bar links $300.00

My question is, how long can i run the car without replacing the Struts?
If i dont replace it now, will it cause more serious problems later?
Does the estimate from this auto shop looks resonable?

Car starts right up and when I shut it off and retry it it is completely dead. Everything electrical is dead. If I wait 15 minutes it starts as good as new.Clock is off, etc. Called AAA, said battery and alternator were good. Took it to Lexington Toyota and left it for 2 days and $90. They could not find anything wrong with it. Bat. and alt. were good. This has happened 7 times. Starts right up . Shut off for 5 minutes at donut shop, come out and dead as a door nail? Car in great shape with 118,000 miles on it. Any suggestions? Thank you

When I come to a light or make a sharp left hand turn, I hear a grinding noise like metal to metal. Normally when my brakes go bad I hear a loud squeaking noise, but I haven't heard anything like that. But suddenly yesterday I heard I it a little and now today it's worse. Please help me : )

how to air flow egr on toyata camry year 1999

I have not had any problems with this car. It has 76000 miles and has been well cared for. The engine light just went off and I took it into the service station that cared for the car. ( it was my aunt's who recently passed). I asked him to look at the car and call me. I had to call him 2 days later; tells me he'll call. 2 days follow, he tells me he already replaced a flange to the Catalytic converter ( the light no longer goes on )and then replaced the exhaust system. I did not ask to have any work done with out pricing. Is he nuts, is it illegal doing work without telling the customer the amount? He tells me to just come and pick the car up. I don't know what the going rate should be. I don't want to not pay, but I think this is an astronomical price for a muffler system.

Which direction is the crankshaft pulley bolt removed, ccw or cw? I'm replacing the timing belt and components. Thanks for any assistance.

George Plante

I have a 1999 camery. I just paid $2000.00 for a new transmission 6 months ago. Now the engine threw a rod. It will cost $2500.00 to fix. It has 120.00 miles on it. Should I repair it or junk it?