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I had a 2006 Hyundai Sonata V6 and oil consumption. Every time I had the oil changed there was on oil on the dipstick! The oil pressure warning light never came on!

Check engine light came up as I changed the Battery

Transmission oil, 2.5 L

The cooling system depletes and the leak shows up under the car two streams. It does not show up under the engine compartment at all. The heater hoses do not appear to be leaking. It is the strangest leak I have ever seen. The problem occurs each time the system is replenished. It is normally worst when the motor is hot.

Cats and sensors replaced with Bosal and Denso about 2k miles ago. Code returned recently.

Exhaust is now new from engine to tailpipe.

LTFT at 2K is at 16%. Have smoked it several times, repairing leaks as I find them (leaking EGR to intake gasket, cracked upper resonator tube, cracked intake tube, cracked EGR vacuum control valve vacuum tube).

After repairs, the codes are cleared and we attempt to set readiness, but code returns, and LTFT really doesn't drop.

Only one code appears. I have the graphs of the o2 sensors (a/f sensor) as well as freeze frame screen shots, but I am not sure how to post them.

I was taking the car on a road trip so I got the oil changed even though the light hadn't come on yet. After the road trip the light did come on, making me wonder what causes the car to indicate that it needs an oil change? In other words, is it because it can't tell the oil was recently changed and it just goes on because a certain mileage threshold was reached, or because it actually sensed that the oil was dirty?

about camry

the car is shaking

my car will not go in reverse even in reverse even when my car is in Reverse it still goes forward straight like it's in Drive instead of going backwards.

Not sure what this button does. It is not a solid plate between the license plate lights.

driving up a hill have 2005 Toyota camry with 62,000 miles and car cut off,. took back to the dealership and was told the timing chain snapped.

runs fine in park reverse and nuteral runs dies at stop r putting in drive

interior lights will not turn off....draining battery

I need to know how to reset it i think i fixed the problem just now this just started happening for some reason

battery warning light comes and off,battery and alternator both been replaced about a year ago Is it safe to drive or get stock

how do i run car through drive cycle in order to pass emissions test ?

2004 Toyota Camry

leaking antifreeze from back side of engine right above the exhaust can not find leak where could it be coming from has new water pump please help

right side moves left side wont. removed the seat. motor seem ok. cant figure how to turn bolt manuely. that square adjustment deal just spins. how can I turn the bolt to move seat up.

error code p135
cleared codes after 10 min driving cel comes right back on. need tags for car

Cruise control will be working but then light blinks about 5 times and cruise falls off. It will re-set if the engine is turned off and back on again

The SCO light comes on and off while driving.

Cylinder 2 isn't getting fire. Loss of power. Last tank of gas got almost 200 miles less than usual. Check engine light starts blinking. Sometimes the car shakes when gas pedal is pressed at certain level. Just past 250,000 miles on car.

Looking to buy one at like Walmart, not too expensive I don't want this car much longer but need to get back and forth to work

1,2,3,4 & reverse drive fine. Shifting fr 4th into 5th gear i have the Gas pedal nearly to the floor & engine revs but car loses speed til rpm is almost to 4 then 5th gear catches and car gets power & drives fine. Is it the clutch slipping or going out? Help pleassse

timing belt change camry SE 2007 model

Heard clicking noises after locking car. Won't start now. Tried on locking door twice with key, then doing the off to on position with key 5 times then start (which worked a couple months ago) and now nothing.. unable to find a reset button under dash or toggle!!!

Just once alternator

It makes a sound when you start to drive then goes away . my car shakes when you are driving and goes away when you increase speed.

P0171 /p0174