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Why is engine on had car inspected no problem . Light just came on today

I was driving and my tranny piped out of gear I just had my cv joints replaced

I am not getting power to my fuel pump.I removed the fuse box covers but it does not point out which fuse operates the fuel pump.

The Car is Running Good never had a mayor problem only replace a battery and brake pads, oil change every 3,000 miles but had 168,000 miles and I want to make sure the car runs properly other than that everything is good inside and out

Started going on and off, now stays on all the time.

After trying to start noticed smoke coming from large black box located driver side

How do you fix water leaking into the cabin from the sunroof

Had sensors put on last year buthte check engine light came back on

What is the problrm and how much to fix it?

after replacing pats, I have water leak this is frustrating.

My car had repairs done on Wednesday, today is Sunday and noticed water under my car.

Car has 187,000/mls 5 speed manual transmission

Turn signals n hazard loghts don't work

I had a rat ripping out a engine's insulation, do you have any idea how much it would cost to replace

after several effort in starting it even pressing the pedal it wont still start. Just changed the fuel pump

I noticed thick smoke that’s a gray or white color coming out of the exhaust pipe,. Car dealer told me this indicates that my car is burning oil. The only way this could happen is if the oil is leaking into the combustion chamber of my car's engine.

Dealer suspects the piston rings are worn out and the valve seal is broken, this will be what allows oil to flow into the combustion chamber.

Trying to buy tha car but won't start because of antitheft system

2007 Toyota Camry

I have not found a box/button/switch of any kind on the dash, under the dash, by the brake pedal, or under the drivers seat. When I unhook the battery for repairs the horn flashes and maybe the lights but I'm to busy to notice as I try to get the key in to turn it off. There is a red light built into the dash that when on you can see in the dark. I have three keys that came with the car and use the Toyota's. I pulled two of the horn fuses but the horn still goes off. Just found there are two horns. The car rearms it self seemingly whenever it feels like it. The only thing that seems to work is to watch for the light coming on and turning it off by turning the key left 3 times then right 3 times . That turns the light/alarm off. Got a remote and it says to just pin 2 to 10 on the power mirror switch then program the remote when the locks cycle. It will be faster than a key if the alarm goes off. Other than that I'm going to check for stuck/shorted door and trunk switches. Anyone have ANY other ideas???.

Can it be bypassed?

but the engine is mostly fine

Blowing blue smoke out the exhaust but on on the first start of the day.

Cables. I took off my battery, while it was still on. Then I put the discharge battery in my car and my car stop running. Now my car won't start with any battery. Did I burned out something?

As I was closing my sun roof an accordion like gasket abt 12" long fell into the car. Where does it go? My manual does not show. will the sun roof leak /

I twice overhauled the transmission and the valve body , i found 3 burned clutches ,which are : C0 , B1 and B3
but the problem still remaining . the ABS light is ullominated , and P0746 too. i changed the ECM with a used one but the problem was the same.
When pulling out the counter gear speed sensor NC, the car run 2nd , 3th , 4th speeds only .
Is it a transmission or ECM problem .

My car sounds really loud when I accelerate or just press on the gas. Even if I'm parked and I just step on the gas, it sounds very loud. And it has trouble with performance. It feels like it has the power but something is just holding it back.

I had a 2006 Hyundai Sonata V6 and oil consumption. Every time I had the oil changed there was on oil on the dipstick! The oil pressure warning light never came on!

Check engine light came up as I changed the Battery

Transmission oil, 2.5 L

The cooling system depletes and the leak shows up under the car two streams. It does not show up under the engine compartment at all. The heater hoses do not appear to be leaking. It is the strangest leak I have ever seen. The problem occurs each time the system is replenished. It is normally worst when the motor is hot.

Cats and sensors replaced with Bosal and Denso about 2k miles ago. Code returned recently.

Exhaust is now new from engine to tailpipe.

LTFT at 2K is at 16%. Have smoked it several times, repairing leaks as I find them (leaking EGR to intake gasket, cracked upper resonator tube, cracked intake tube, cracked EGR vacuum control valve vacuum tube).

After repairs, the codes are cleared and we attempt to set readiness, but code returns, and LTFT really doesn't drop.

Only one code appears. I have the graphs of the o2 sensors (a/f sensor) as well as freeze frame screen shots, but I am not sure how to post them.