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Signal lights in rear of car worked but the front one's didn't changed the front bulbs and then none of the signal lights worked but the hazard lights work. What could be wrong?
They don't come on so you can't do it manually
my 2001 Toyota Camry both single light dose not working.
I have 4 trouble codes. P0753, P0758, P1656, and P1760. I tried to clear these with the code reader and also by disconnecting the battery. But they will not reset!
Wide variety of undercarriage parts and services available, would like to know common repair cost of bulldozer in PA region.
I changed oil and forgot to put new filter into the filter holder. I drained out new oil into a pan. After I finished to insert new filter. I poured back new oil into my car. I didn't start my car during the process. Is it OK to use new oil
I have a 2001 Toyota Camry. My check engine light came on and threw this code. My car runs great. Plenty of power and now problems at a idle. I pulled the her valve and cleaned it. Not much carbon build up. Check engine light back on with the same code. With the car running fine does that help indicate what the problem might be?
1992 camry starts idles high and low from 3000rpm back to 1000rpm. When put in d the engine sputter's and feels like the engine is rocking back and forward.

Not sure if its the file line/pump, ignition module, or transmission issue.

All fluids are great.

Any ideas or thoughts would be amazing thanks everyone.
worked fine new w/s trans one year ago
Electric or Mechanic
My problem is The car runs well while driving and has no problem but once I turned it off...someting continues to work until it kills the battery each time I turned it off. I dont know what it continues to make a repeated click sound similar to the one of central lock. This is after turning the car this keeps working until it kills the battery so when i come again to run it, it is already dead.
The sound comes from the front passenger left side of the engine...from the place where the passenger put hisl/her legs...and when u open the bonnet it seems close to the fuse box on the left side of the engine.
The dome light will work when pushed on but in the middle four door open light it does not come on
this happen mostly when i hit the brakes and almost stopping or when i make a turn into a road to accelerate. it lags like im forcing it to move for some 4 to 6sec then suddenly jumps forward.
It happens all the time, whether we're in the car or not. No warning signs come on & the car runs fine. There is no indication as to what is causing it.
Want to know if 97 Toyota Camry has a interface engine
My 2008 Toyota Camry started flashing ABS & Brake lights suddenly in the middle of driving.The speedometer goes to zero, A/C gets turned off and the tachometer goes crazy. I went to Toyota dealer for a diagnosis and they said it needed ABS repair and quoted $2400 . I went to another dealer with the diagnosis and they charged $1700. Unfortunately, after spending money trusting Toyota diagnosis, the issue persisted. Now they are quoting it as ECM replacement. What exactly is the issue? Would I be able to repair it? Should I be spending more money on it? Please share any information if you have knowledge about the issue.
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