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got a new throttle valve cable from factory. went to adjust it, only to find the stop used to adjust cable was on, but not crimped down. need to know if anyone out there has a v6 camry with the a540e auto trans that can dive me an accurate measurement to crimp my stop. need to be able to properly adjust my cable.
But change from 2nd to 3rd seems fine, would you have any ideas why
Thanks Ron
Release button on top of seat back next to headrest -button missing. Used to be able to poke something down to release, now can't feel the release at all. How do I get to the catch inside the seat back to repair it? Can it be repaired? Or do I need to replace the whole seat back-if so, how is it attached & how can I remove it? Thanks
Seems like loose connection the way it flickers.I don;t know where the sensor is or Is there anything I can tighten or how do I get to the switch and wiring? Thanks
oil over fill
check engine light came on and said this was the problem, the car was spitter and sputtering
what problem when abs lamp turn on even car is moving?
One Tire Shop said that strut should be dry; Dealership and another Tire Shop said that a little oil on strut is normal?
My Camry has over 186,000 miles. Over the last year or so,I have had problems with the speedometer going to zero and odometer going blank. The speed sensor and instrument panel have been replaced.I notice when I turn in certain places the odometer goes blank. Sometimes when I brake this happens too. The SS goes off by itself and comes on by itself. It used to come back on when I drove on the highway where the road goes uphil, but I haven't been doing a lot of that driving for a couple months.Lately, its been showing zero before I even start the car. When the speedometer goes to zero the car gives a little push like when you go into cruise control. Sometimes when I brake it drives stiffly as thought it doesn't want to go. A couple times I just had to pull over and wait a while then start driving again. Lately this problem has been happening every day a several times a day. The speed sensor and instrument panel have been replaced, but things only improve for a short while. I would like to know what is the ROOT of the problem.
Greetings folks,

I recently had rotors and brake pads replaced on my 2007 Camry (front pads/rotors and read pads/rotors).

It was done last week and she is braking fine. But sometimes now when I brake there's a low-medium squeaking sound from the brakes. Is this normal / what's the likely cause?

If I slow down to about 20 it will change, then I don,t have any more problems. This happens the first time I drive it on any given day. If I park it for 4 or 5 hours, the problem starts all over again.
won't even turn over...just a slight click with a slight whirring sound that continues until I release the key...It's a morning cold start problem. Takes 4 or 5 tries..once it starts, the rest of the problem.
just the boots
i removed bolts from the cover and turned the engine and the timing belt is not turning. need to re-time the engine and install a new belt
1996 Camry stalling. After driving my vehicle for about 20 minutes in highway traffic, the vehicle has difficulty idling when I slow down behind another car or turn a corner. This quickly deteriorates and then the car actually stalls when I slow right down or turn a corner. Then usually the car starts again right away, but when I slow down again, stalls. Then when I start it up again,usually in traffic. If I allow it to sit engine off for 3 ? 5 minutes, it starts again, the shift can slide intUntil the next time, which is usually the following day.


We've cleaned out EGR valve, cleaned throttle body. Replaced fuel filter, fuel hose, pvc valve.
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